Shopify is an eCommerce platform specializing in ecommerce web design and online sales. With Shopify, you have complete control of the look and feel of you online store, using the hundreds of themes offered. You can completely tailor your online store to perfectly match the nature of your business. In addition, Shopify has the power to handle anything from marketing to checkouts and shipping. Shopify is very focused on simplicity which is reflected with their unified platform, supporting a wide variety of features all in one place. With the Shopify plugin you can easily connect your shop to multiple platforms.

Channable has a direct connection with a shop built on Shopify thanks to the Shopify plugin. The Channable Shopify plugin effortlessly imports your complete list of products in seconds. It includes the same Channable functionalities as the standard Channable subscriptions. The Channable Shopify plugin enables you to fully optimize your products and export it to numerous shopping comparison sites, eCommerce marketplaces, and affiliate networks, increasing your product reach and sales.

Advantages of using Channable’s Shopify Plugin

  • Receive orders directly in your shop 
    Channable centralizes your orders from multiple marketplaces and channels, they will automatically appear in Shopify because of the Shopify plugin.
  • Fast and easy import
    Connecting your Shopify account with Channable via the Shopify plugin will allow you to import your entire product feed in just a few clicks.
  • Inventory synchronization
    Inventory changes in Shopify are automatically updated within Channable and on the export channels, you are using through the Shopify plugin. As soon as an item is no longer in stock, the ads for this product will be automatically removed, until the product comes back in stock and can be controlled Channable or your Shopify plugin.
  • More than 1500 channels to choose from
    Choose from an endless catalog of channels to send your products to connected via your Shopify plugin and Channable. You can find a full list of the export channels page on our website to choose the best fitting channel to send your products to, maximizing your sales by targeting ready to buy customers.
  • Free Support
    At Channable we believe in helping our clients in every step of the way. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you with all problems and concerns 5 days a week.

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