Channel is the market leader in e-commerce in the Netherlands and Belgium. The online retailer has more than 8 million active customers, a million visitors per day and over 17 million products. And if we are going to showcase impressive numbers, it is worth mentioning that has sold 500,000 products in one day in 2015. offers a wide range of product categories that allow you to reach the right audience for your products. Channable allows you to connect your entire product line with this online sales giant. Take advantage of this opportunity and sign up today!

Benefits of selling on

  • Sales abroad This online retail giant operates in the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders). Your products are visible in both countries. This increases you product reach, both in your own country and abroad.

  • Order Feedback If you are an entrepreneur looking for a way to automate your ordering process, you are in the right place. Our tool offers the opportunity to directly send orders from to eCommerce platform you are using. This order connection ensures that the stock is adjusted directly in your back-end, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

  • Clear commission model The commission model is based on the type of products you sell. The percentages are fixed and vary between 6% and 25%. So you do not have to worry about other unexpected costs. Check out the commission model.

Where are my products displayed on

The product listings on are shown in separate fields linking a product image and the right product. Ads can be sorted and filtered, which affects the order in which ads are displayed.

How do I get my products on

  1. Create a Channable account Creating an account for our tool will only take a few seconds. Fill in your name and email address and you can get started!

  2. Import your product feed The Channable platform supports CSV, XML, Google Spreadsheets and Text files. In addition, 3rd party connections to eCommerce platforms are also available. Just select the way you would like to import your product feed. If you have a different type of file, don’t worry, just contact us and we will look for an alternative way to upload your product feed.

  3. Add as an API The simplicity of Channable allows you to connect to in just minutes. To do this go to the tab ‘APIs’ and add as a new API. A connection with ensures that you can automate online sales and can save time and money. Don’t waste time, start now!

  4. Creating business rules Once you added as an API, the next step is to add rules to optimize your API. This can be done with our IF-THEN statements, which are extremely powerful and yet so easy to use. With these rules, you can set up actions which allow you to filter and send the products that you truly want to advertise on Additionally, you can fully optimize your product data, prior to export it, for increased performance.

  5. Build your product listings Building product listings with Channable is effortless. At the ‘Build’ phase, the plus button allows you to indicate which fields you want to fill in the sample listing with. This template is based on the specifications to ensure that no mistakes are made and that everything looks just like you intended it to.

  6. Send your products to Your products are almost already on! When you're done with the 'Build' phase of the API, navigate to the left, back to the ‘APIs’ tab. Then click ‘Run now’ to send your product data to your merchant account. Forwarding your product data usually takes no more than 30 seconds to complete.

  7. Celebrate your success Enjoy your sales increase!

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