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Dynamic Image Editor

Combine data and image optimization

Create optimized and hyper-relevant product ad visuals for social multichannel campaigns, directly from your data feed, at scale.

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Generate dynamic product ads that make an impact!

Empower your team to handle product ad creatives’ optimization in one place.

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Optimize ad visuals

Simply connect your product feed to the image template and create hyper relevant ads.

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Enjoy centralized workflows

No need to switch between various tools, leading to a more efficient ad creation process.

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Skip the design ping-pong

Make quick and hassle-free adjustments to your images, eliminating the need for communication back and forth.

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Drive ROI with precision

Leverage data-driven ad personalization to optimize campaign's performance.

Dynamic creative optimization right from Channable

Enrich creatives with relevant information

Grab user’s attention with engaging product ads tailored for social media advertising, and instantly highlight messages like flash sales or special discounts, through your ad image template.

Amplify impact by linking product data to the image template

With the tool's advanced rules engine, you can setup dynamic rules to ensure the right image template is applied to each product, enhancing personalization. Updates in product data are reflected instantly, ensuring accurate and up-to-date ads without manual check-ins.

Enjoy an intuitive interface

Start with ready-to-use image sizes, ensuring your ads are perfectly optimized for different platforms. Navigate and operate the Image Editor effortlessly with user-friendly controls and commands.

Maintain control over your dynamic ad variations

Review your image templates and ensure that the final creatives align with your brand's image and messaging, guaranteeing a consistent appearance across all channels.

Highlights of Dynamic Image Editor

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Rule-based conditions

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Intuitive and user-friendly interface

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Compatible with social media platforms

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Fully integrated into the platform

Your questions about our Dynamic Image Editor answered


For which channels can I use the Image Editor?

The Image Editor is available for all feed exports in Channable, so you can use it for all export feeds we offer. But, keep in mind that not all channels accept overlays (e.g. text, logos). The well-known channels to effectively use optimized images are social channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Who can use the Image Editor?

Anyone who is advertising online can benefit from our Image Editor! Brands, retailers and agencies are making use of our Image Editor to optimize their Dynamic Product Ads, especially for social commerce campaigns.


Are there any limitations I should know about?

Regarding image formats, the Image Editor support JPG, JPEG, PNG and WEBP images in your image templates.


Can I upload my own fonts or images to use in templates?

You can enrich your ad visuals by uploading static images! Additionally, you can upload your own fonts, making it simple to maintain brand consistency across channels!


For how many products can I use the Image Editor?

There is no limit on the amount of products you can use the Image Editor for. As long as the amount of products fits in your package, you can use them in the Image Editor tool.


How do I create an image template?

Determine the dimensions of your image template based on the advertising platform's requirements or your specific design preferences. Then create the visual layout of your template and add dynamic elements. Once your template is ready connect it to your product feed.

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