PPC tool

Take your text and shopping ads to the next level by utilizing your product feed to create thousands of automated campaigns, ad-groups, ads, and keywords.


Generate campaigns in no time

Setting up your campaigns for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising can be incredibly time consuming and complicated. With Channable you can generate your Search, Display, and Shopping campaign structure, and keep it automatically updated based on your product feed.

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Generate relevant ads for all your items

Creating hyper relevant ads can often seem like an impossible task. Especially when your product offering is large and you want to put focus on all your items. However, with the PPC tool and its built-in ad copy generator this is now possible. By allowing you to combine static data with dynamic data from your product feed you can now make your product ads more relevant than ever.

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Automate your keyword & URL strategy

Keyword and URL strategy is an important part of your PPC campaigns, highly impacting your ad relevance and click-through rates. Optimize both with Channable, by easily setting up (long-tail) keywords from your feed, inserting dynamic keywords into your ads, and defining Final URLs at keyword level in just a couple of clicks.

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Optimize your ads with powerful rules

Want to ensure that certain text is being either included or excluded to your ads? Use Channable’s powerful If-Then ‘Rules’ to optimize your ads automatically. By connecting your data feed to your campaign creation, you can utilize the powerful ´Rules´ to take full control of your ads and enjoy real-time updates to all of your ads. Such as sales price, stock information or shipping cost etc.

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Our certificates


Thanks to Channable's PPC tool it is very easy to create unique ads for special campaigns.

Lucia Fuentes Aguilera

SEM Senior @ Wink TTD for LIDL

Why choose our PPC tool?

Always updatedSynchronize your campaigns and ads with the changes of your feed. No more manual changes and no more advertising on out-of-stock products.
Save time and moneyReduce time spent on account management. With our ad generator, you can create thousands of campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords.
Hyper relevant adsBy combining static values with dynamic values from your product feed you can easily generate hyper relevant ads for all your products.
Free support & ChannacademyLearn through interactive videos, step-by-step tutorial walkthroughs, and in-depth problem-solving assignments, or contact our free support team in any of the 13 languages we support.
Long-tail keywordsAutomate the whole process of generating keywords. Even use your dynamic values to generate all the attractive long-tail keywords.
Flexible subscriptionsAt Channable we try to fully adapt to your needs. That is also why we offer monthly subscriptions with no commitment to stay.