Sell your products anywhere with Channable

Send your products to more than 100 price comparison websites, affiliates or marketplaces.

Generate more traffic for your webshop by creating product listing ads for comparison websites, affiliates or marketplaces. With Channable you can precisely control the flow of products to each channel. This enables you to maximize the impact of your campaign while minimizing the cost.

Send your products to Marktplaats,, Amazon and Ebay.

Marktplaats and are Dutch channels with a large and loyal user base. eBay and Amazon are major international players. Channable can send your products to Marktplaats,, eBay and Amazon and get them in front of their 200 Million-a-month audience.

Receive orders from multiple marketplaces and manage inventory in realtime

Channable centralizes your orders from multiple marketplaces and channels. When product inventory changes on your webshop, it is immediately updated on all marketplaces and channels. This ensures that your inventory is always in sync, everywhere.

Create dynamic ads from your products that automatically stay in sync with your inventory changes.

Channable converts your product feed into optimized ads based on your product information. Ads are automatically paused when a product goes out of stock and unpaused when the product is back in stock to prevent unnecessary spending.

Integration with Google Analytics

Channable easily integrates with Google Analytics to import the performance statistics of your products. Create rules to filter out products based on performance and increase your sales while decreasing your costs.

Connect with any webshop.

Importing data from your webshop is now a breeze. Using the Channable import process, you can import any kind of file, e.g. Excel files, XML feeds, CSV files or RSS feeds. Channable also has direct connections with online webshop platforms like Lightspeed or Mijnwebwinkel. You name it, we can import it.

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October 24th, 2016

Expanded Text Ads in Channable

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October 20th, 2016

Automated order handling for Amazon

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