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Amazon Advertising Solution

Amazon PPC automation at scale

Automatically manage thousands of product ads across multiple countries

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See our Amazon Ads Solution in Action

Watch the demo and see how you can easily create and optimize Amazon Ads at scale using Channable's solution

See our Amazon Ads Solution in Action

Lay the foundation for your Amazon PPC campaigns

Generate ads from your product listings so you can easily start or scale on Amazon - with no experience necessary

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Sync your data feed

Or import an CSV, XML, Google Spreadsheets, Text files. Each parameter will be dynamically picked from your feed

Build you ad

Build your Ad structure

Or design your own campaign structure in our easy-to-use interface


Automate your campaigns

Automate your campaigns with our advanced rule engine

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Optimize performance

Your campaigns will be automatically optimized based on performance data

How can our Amazon Ads Solution help you?

Generate high-quality Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns at scale

Easily create complete ad campaign structures for multiple products and languages. Decide which keywords or products to advertise and easily set up your Amazon advertising structure with Channable's Recommended Mode, or design your own.

Boost your Ads' performance

Make your ads more relevant with our rule engine, so your ads show up exactly where and when you want them to. Our solution will automatically execute your setup and will assign the right keywords to the right campaigns.

Make better informed decisions

Monitor performance data for all your important metrics and level up your ad strategy. Get real-time data on how your Amazon Sponsored Product ads are performing and optimize your campaign goals based on spend, ACOS and TACOS.

Highlights of the Amazon Ads Solution

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Recommended Mode

The "Channable Recommended Mode" makes it possible to automatically generate a campaign structure for you in just 1-click, and move your products to the right campaigns.

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Keyword & ASIN Harvesting

The Keyword & ASIN Harvesting feature uses advanced machine learning techniques to automatically apply keywords from your Amazon auto campaigns to your manual campaigns.

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Amazon Ads Reporting

Get real-time data on how your ads are performing and report on goals based on spend, ACOS and TACOS with ease.

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Bid Optimization, Management *

This feature enables you to automate bids based on keyword performance analysis and specified target ACOS of your campaign. * COMING SOON

Your questions about our Amazon Advertising Generator answered


Who can use Amazon sponsored products?

Sponsored Products are available for professional sellers, vendors, book vendors, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) authors, and agencies. Products must be in one or more eligible categories and be eligible for the Featured Offer in order to advertise. Read our latest blog about Amazon sponsored products.


Do I need a Channable API to use Amazon Ads?

No, you don't need a Channable API to use Amazon Ads. However, you do need to upload your SKUs to Channable so that we can link your ads to your products. You can do this easily with a webshop connection or an import, such as a Google Sheet or a CSV file.


Can I use Channable's Amazon PPC tool as a Seller or a Vendor?

Yes, you can use Channable's Amazon Ads Generator as a Seller or a Vendor. For Vendors, we only require a list of ASINs, while for Sellers, we can use either the SKU or the ASIN.


What is the min. number of products you need to experience the value of Amazon Ads with Channable?

There is no minimum number of products you need to have to use our Amazon advertising generator solution. But our users suggest that 25 products is the threshold where manual optimization becomes too time-consuming, and our tool can help.


Which Amazon Marketplaces can I advertise on with Channable?

Channable's Amazon advertising solution tool supports all Amazon Marketplaces and makes it very easy to expand to other markets and improve your Amazon PPC strategy. You don't have to pay any extra fees for this.

Amazon Ads is part of Channable's end-to-end solution

A fully integrated product

Product Listing Optimization

Product Listing Optimization

Channable offers a complete Amazon API integration. Allowing you to easily integrate your catalog with Amazon and optimize and enrich your product listings to guarantee higher conversion rates.

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Outsell the competition and win the buy box with our marketplace Repricer. Create your own strategy with complete control over the minimum and maximum limits you’ll set. Operate secure and competitive price changes 24/7. Use a rule-based system to be in control of changes throughout your catalog.

Order sync

Order Sync

Automatically retrieve orders in real time with our API connection and fully synchronize your Amazon orders. Simply send all your orders directly to your online shop, where you can manage everything from one place.

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