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Smart product categorization

Categorize millions of products instantly with the power
of AI

Instantly and accurately categorize your products for Google Shopping, Facebook, Ebay, Amazon and many more channels, and cutting setup time by up to 80%!

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Take your product feed management to the next level

Efficient product categorization is key to unlocking valuable time savings for your retail and eCommerce team. Channable’s Smart Categorization tool uses the power of AI machine learning to automatically categorize products instantly, creating higher discoverability of your products in each category.

Save time and effort

Streamline your retail and eCommerce operations by automating product categorization. Our AI-powered solution instantly categorizes your products, freeing up valuable time for your team.

Efficiently manage product listings

Optimize your inventory management and marketplace performance
by improving search visibility and conversions through accurate categorization.

Bring your products to market in no time

By instantly categorizing millions of products, no matter the catalog size, you get the right products in front of the right audience quickly
and efficiently.

Scale and expand your online reach

This feature works with all platforms that recognize a Google Product Category, and work with more than 20 marketplaces, including Amazon!

Everything you need to scale your e-marketing


High accuracy of up to 97%

By leveraging our AI algorithm, which is trained on millions of category points across different industries and assortments, you can confidently ensure that your products are accurately placed in the right categories, optimizing search visibility and enhancing the overall user experience.


Reduced setup time by 80%

Eliminate the need for manual product categorization on various marketplaces and effortlessly adapts to the categorization systems of each eCommerce channel, saving you from the repetitive task of entering the same product information repeatedly.


Real-time categorization

As soon as new products enter your system or feed, the AI algorithms instantly analyze their attributes and apply the appropriate categories. Ensuring all your products are accurately categorized and ready to be listed on marketplaces in real-time.


Now Available for Amazon!

Amazon has a vast number of product categories for retail—with specific requirements per category—which can be tricky to navigate. Channable’s Smart Categorization tool simplifies the process, so you can sell and scale on Amazon in no time.

See the Smart Product Categorization feature in action

If you’re still manually adjusting your product feeds, it’s time to streamline and automate this process. Our eCommerce experts are happy to schedule a live demo, so you see how Smart Product Categorization helps you gain efficiency across channels. But of course, we have a video ready for you to explore more

Your questions about Smart Product Categorization answered


What is Smart Product Categorization?

This is an advanced automated process that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to classify products into appropriate categories improving product search and visibility on sales channels.


How to categorize your products?

When you set the category field in the 'settings tab' the auto-categorization will take place. If you don't want to use the auto categories, you can use manual categories which will overwrite the auto categories. A step-by-step guide for eCommerce product categorization can be found here. Include link


What is product categorization in eCommerce?

Product categorization, also known as product taxonomy, helps customers navigate your eCommerce store with ease. It's a technique used to replicate a physical in-store experience by creating a virtual, digital aisle that leads customers to the product they wish to purchase.


What are the benefits of smart product categorization?

The Smart Categorization tool enables the accurate categorization of new and existing products with high efficiency across all eCommerce channels.
This process accelerates your time to market, drives conversions, and boosts sales. It’ll help you work smarter, not harder.


Can I customize Channable's Smart Categorization tool to suit my industry-specific terms and niche categories?

You can adjust your if/then rules to tailor your use of the Smart Categorization tool, so it learns industry-specific terms and niche categories. Then, it deploys built-in pattern recognition to instantly recognize those specific product categories for each eCommerce channel in the future. The algorithm will become more precise over time, continuously improving the performance of your products.


What are the benefits of Channable's integrated Smart Product Categorization for my workflow and product marketing efforts?

Smart Product Categorization is completely integrated into your existing Channable workflow, reducing manual effort and quickly bringing products to market, all within the platform. We’ve got everything you need in one place.

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