Marketplace integrator

Integrate your online shop with all the popular online marketplaces and reach more potential customers than ever before.

Automatically list your products

Want to integrate your webshop quickly and easily with multiple online marketplaces? With Channable this has never been easier. Take advantage of the many direct API connections within Channable to automatically update all your product listings. No more need to manually update your product offerings or stock information. The build-in integrations takes care of it all.

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Manage all your orders from one place

Selling your products on eCommerce marketplaces often causes additional time spent on order handling. However, as Channable is able to retrieve orders in real-time with API connections we also offer the opportunity to fully synchronize all your marketplace orders. This means we can automatically send all your orders directly to your online shop, where you can finally handle everything from one place.

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Easily adapt to listing requirements

So many marketplaces, so many different listing requirements. With our powerful “if” and “then” rules you can quickly adjust your product information to match the requirements of every different marketplace, or even filter out the products you don’t want to advertise on.

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Take control of your buy box

Outsell the competition and win the buy box with Channable’s marketplace repricer. Create your own strategy with complete control over the minimum and maximum limits to set. With rules, you can generate dynamic fields to always win the buy box, or even avoid outbidding the marketplace itself.

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It used to be time consuming because we did not have the feed adapted to each platform. Now we just need to open an account. It takes 1 minute to adapt the feed thanks to Channable. The feed is no longer a problem.

Alex Poza

Marketing Consultant @ Ecco Shoes

Why should you choose our marketplace integrator?

+2.500 integrations.Gain more exposure for your products on numerous price comparison websites, affiliates, or marketplaces worldwide.
Free support & ChannacademyLearn through interactive videos, step-by-step tutorial walkthroughs, and in-depth problem-solving assignments, or contact our free support team in any of the 13 languages we support.
Intuitive and easy to use.With our marketplace integrations you do not require a technical background. Thanks to a simple interface, our tool can be used by anyone.
Real time stock updates.The information of your products is automatically updated every day together with all the marketplaces in which you have a connection.
All orders in one place.Save valuable time by letting the direct API connections synchronize all your orders back to you own online shop.
Flexible subscriptions.At Channable we try to fully adapt to your needs. That is also why we offer monthly subscriptions with no commitment to stay.