Retail and eCommerce

Manage your ads and product listings with your product feed and have Channable automatically update them based on your inventory. Unlimited flexibility without having to manually adjust your products in your online shop.

Product feeds for every channel

Create high-quality feeds and sell your items on over 2500 affiliate networks, price comparison websites, and marketplaces. With Channable's built-in templates, product feed management has never been easier.

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Automate search & shopping campaigns

Using your product data, automatically generate campaigns, ad groups, long-tail ads, and keywords. Also use highly dynamic product information such as pricing and stock levels to create hyper-relevant ads by keeping them up-to-date.

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Integrate with marketplaces

Reach more potential customers by integrating your online shop with all the popular marketplaces. Also take advantage of Channable's API connections to synchronize your orders without having to log in to multiple merchant centers.

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+6.500 companies use Channable for growth

Adapting the feeds to each online sales platform is no longer a problem.

Alex Poza

Marketing consultant @ ECCO Shoes