For us, corporate social responsibility means making a social, cultural, and ecological contribution to society. It’s about finding a good balance between our own economic performance and the pursuit of a healthy and responsible environment for future generations.

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We're always open to nice, new ideas to help make the world a little bit better. Do you know any initiatives that would suit Channable? Please contact us.


Young company supports young artists

As a young company, Channable emphasizes the promotion of local Utrecht initiatives. Channable has therefore taken steps to cooperate with the HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht) by hanging the works of young artists on the walls of our historical building on the Drift in Utrecht.

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Swapping for a good cause

A clothes swap is perhaps the last thing you would associate with a tech company like Channable, but not if you know the people who work there. Channable values what is important to its employees and encourages its employees to practice their passions.

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Channable loves its people

At Channable, we’re very grateful for the hard working, passionate, and fun people that work with us. Corporate social responsibility is not only about giving something back to the world, but also about caring for the people behind Channable.

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