For us, corporate social responsibility means making a social, cultural, and ecological contribution to society. It’s about finding a good balance between our own economic performance and the pursuit of a healthy and responsible environment for future generations.


Committing to a more sustainable behavior every day

At Channable, we like to act in ways that create a more sustainable and better future. To make a difference in people's lives, our community, and our planet by doing business the right way, we have committed to working with Pure Energie, a new energy company that has won the title of the greenest energy company in The Netherlands for the last 8 years in a row. We decided to take this step as part of our effort to make Channable as green and sustainable as possible.

Shaping the community’s identity by supporting small business

As a company that’s born and bred in Utrecht, we support local businesses. By ordering food from local suppliers, not only do we support the community but we are also reducing our carbon footprint and helping to cut down on pollution. Local businesses often source their products from local manufacturers and growers, and for us, it’s a way to preserve our city’s character.

Making a positive impact through our sustainable water bottles

Did you know that a reusable water bottle takes less oil to produce, reduces your carbon footprint, and helps reduce the plastic burden on landfills, oceans, streams, and other places where the plastic waste ends up? That means that every little action we take counts! That's why in the Channable HQ, every employee gets their own personal water bottle along with other initiatives to add to our green office.

Making a positive impact through planting Trees around the world

Did you know that a mature tree produces around 100,000 liters of oxygen a year? That means that planting trees and helping them grow is important to making the world more sustainable! That's why Channable, is committed to planting 5 trees for every review we receive across our platforms (Google, Trustpilot, OMR…). So far, our small forest now has 1800 trees, planted with our partner OneTreePlanted for 2023.

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