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Use your performance data to increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and boost online sales. Analyze your performance data and optimize your products, all in one place.

Take your business to the next level

With Channable Insights you can get real-time data on how your products are performing, automate product segmentation based on product performance, adapt and optimize campaign goals based on ROAS or CPS, and make use of all the new data in your own reporting tool. This means you can view the data of each product highlighting your best performing products and the least performing ones.

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Monitor your performance data on different levels

Channable Insights lets you import both revenue and cost data from channels (Amazon, etc.) over a certain date range into Channable. That way, the Channable tool can calculate new data such as ROAS at a product level.

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Automate even more with Google Smart Shopping

You can use performance data to segment your products into Smart Shopping Campaigns that have different goals. For example if you have a product that you need to boost in views/clicks to gather more data.

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Import analytics for performance-based optimizations

Channable also offers an incredibly easy integration of Google Analytics which imports your performance data straight to your Channable dashboard. Ready for the next step? Use this performance data in Channable Insights, and make data-driven decisions for your digital marketing strategy, boost top sellers or create more visibility for low performing items. Check the video in our video hub for more information.

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We expanded the amount of specific-purpose campaigns that we were running, each with its own targets and list of products. This has led to achieving a 40% increase YoY benefit. This would have been incredibly difficult if we didn’t have access to the data Channable Insights offers.

Bas Zethof

Online Marketing Consultant @ Maxlead

Why choose our feed manager?

+2.500 integrationsGain more exposure for your products on numerous price comparison websites, affiliates, or marketplaces worldwide.
Free support & ChannacademyLearn through interactive videos, step-by-step tutorial walkthroughs, and in-depth problem-solving assignments, or contact our free support team in any of the 13 languages we support.
Intuitive and easy to use.With our marketplace integrations you do not require a technical background. Thanks to a simple interface, our tool can be used by anyone.
Daily synchronizationThe information of your products is automatically updated every day together with all the channels in which you have a connection.
Integrated with AnalyticsUtilize performance data such as the click-through rate or conversion rate to analyze the performance of your products on each of your channels.
Flexible subscriptionsAt Channable we try to fully adapt to your needs. That is also why we offer monthly subscriptions with no commitment to stay.