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Automate your repricing strategy to outsell the competition and win the Buy Box through real-time price adjustments. Manage product listings via key marketplaces to increase sales and profits.


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Take control of the Buy Box with the Repricer

Increase your chances to win the Buy Box with dynamic pricing.


More sales, and by that more profits

Set pricing strategies that maximize your profit margins while staying competitive on all marketplaces.


Streamline your workflow

Centralize your marketplace management with this all-in-one solution for Amazon and


Get performance insights

Analyze, compare, and combine your Repricer data in one place and avoid errors.

See the Repricer in action

See the Repricer in action

Channable’s Repricer is an integrated, rule-based repricer, available as an add-on for Channable users who are looking for an affordable repricing solution to increase sales and optimise profit margins. Unlike other integrated and external repricers, Channable’s solution is fully integrated into it’s Amazon Marketplace Management workflow and allows a smooth yet functional operation with the same easiness as our customers are used to.

Powerful targeting strategies

You can set specific rules for repricing based
on competitor prices, profit margins, and other
factors to ensure that your prices stay within
your desired range. All of this with the easiness
of our powerful if/then rules.

Constant price adjustments

The Repricer compares the prices of your
competitors in the marketplace.

It dynamically adjusts prices to remain competitive and increase
your chances of winning the Buy Box.

Track Repricer events

Follow the price adjustments made by the Repricer,
and the status of the Buy Box over time.

Additionally, you have access to a comprehensive
error log that allows you to quickly identify
and resolve any errors and ensure that their
repricer settings are accurate.

Performance insights

The Repricer dashboard provides access to key information,
such as the status of the Buy Box and the performance of
the repricer, called the "win-lost Buy Box". It tracks the
competition and provides insights at the product level.

Additionally, you can download a CSV file with all
relevant repricer data. All this information you can
use to understand how to increase your chances
of winning the buy box.

Price Stars for the Repricer

By using price stars for in the repricer
you can ensure your product price is always
optimized for selling on Marketplace.

Within the Repricer rules, you select the Price Star rating
you want to aim for, and the repricer will work within a price
range determined by Price Stars boundaries.

Highlights of the Repricer

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Rule based-conditions

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Price Stars targeting for

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Fully integrated into Channable

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Overview dashboard

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10+ Amazon connections (EU, US), and

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Event history, Errors report, Performance data download file

All your Repricer questions answered


What is a Repricer tool?

The Repricer is a tool to automate your repricing strategy to outsell the competitionand win the Buy Box through real-time price adjustments.


How does the Repricer work?

First, you determine pricing increments, then you set minimum and maximum limits.

From there you choose between the option for Buy Box targeting or competitor targeting and define your rule-based conditions. The last step is to choose and select your competition.


What does a Repricer do?

The Repricer is a software tool that automatically changes the price of a listed item you sell on Amazon or

This is based on one or more rules, such as always matching the lowest offer on Amazon, or by applying more complicated internal logic.


For which marketplaces can I use the Repricer?

You can use Channable's Repricer for 10+ Amazon marketplaces in Europe and North America and with all connections.


How to build or integrate the Repricer?

If you're already using the Channable platform then you can easily add this add-on to your subscription yourself via your account.

It then appears in your Channable interface. Not using Channable just yet? Create a free trial account for Channable’s feed management and PPC tools here.


How much does the Repricer cost?

The Repricer is offered at a price of €49 per repricer per country, which is a cost-effective investment considering the potential benefits it can offer. By using the Repricer, you can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manual price adjustments.

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