Automate your repricing strategy to outsell the competition and win the buy box through real-time price adjustments.

Outsell your competition online

Adjusting your prices to compete for the Buy Box can be an emotional and functional drain for large product catalogs. The Repricer allows Channable users who manage product listings via the Amazon and Bol Marketplaces API to increase sales and profits by winning the buy box over competitors.

Take control of the buy box:Easily monitor your competition and adjust your pricing in real-time to win the buy box.
Optimize your profit margins:Find the optimal price point to win the buy box by maintaining the highest margins possible for all your listings.
Automate your pricing strategy:Operate secure and competitive price changes 24/7. Use a rule-based system to be in control of changes throughout your catalog.
Grow internationally:Enjoy visibility on 10+ Amazon markets in Europe and North America and with all connections.
Maintain the overview:Seamlessly connect to your product data optimization as part of an all-in-one Amazon/ API integration.
Save time:Create the most efficient workflow for you and your team, by automating your pricing strategy and streamlining your product portfolio in an all-in-one Amazon/ setup.

Set up your pricing strategy
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Keep your price competitive on

Our repricer is one of the few on the market that allows to aim for a specific Price Stars rating. This way, your price will never go higher than the boundary set by the selected price stars.
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A full explanation of the feature can be found in our Help Center

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