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How WE Fashion Elevated Their Google Ads Campaigns with Channable

November 1, 2023

Discover how WE Fashion and Maxlead, with the assistance of Channable's dynamic feed management, implemented a unique scoring and bucketing system for product segmentation, earning them the title of "Agency Partner Day 2024 use case of the year winner."

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How WE Fashion Elevated Their Google Ads Campaigns with Channable

In the fast and complex world of eCommerce, advertising for thousands of products across various product groups presents a significant challenge. This challenge becomes all the more daunting when promotions with varying timelines need to be managed, and control over product performance is imperative.

WE Fashion, an international fashion brand, faced these challenges when managing their Google Ads campaigns for multiple countries. We will delve into how Channable played a pivotal role in overcoming these obstacles and earned them the Agency Partner Day 2024 use case of the year award.

Challenges faced by WE Fashion

At WE Fashion, managing ads for a vast range of products across four countries is no small feat. Amidst frequent promotions and the drive to spotlight top-selling items, they grapple with the demands of updating campaigns. The challenges they faced were:

  • Massive Product Advertising: WE Fashion offers thousands of products across different categories. The complexity arises when advertising for these products in four different countries - Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland. The introduction of a new product feature often leads to the creation of new campaigns and ad groups, demanding constant attention and management.

  • Varied Promotions: Numerous promotions run across different product groups with varying timelines, requiring updates even during weekends. This involves a lot of manual input, such as updating headlines and descriptions a day in advance.

  • Control Over Product Performance: With Google's increasing automation, maintaining control over campaigns, especially shopping campaigns, becomes challenging. It's imperative to leverage the potential of products effectively and retain control, especially when focusing on the most profitable items.

Facing these advertising challenges, WE Fashion needed a robust solution to seamlessly manage their extensive product lineup and ensure their promotional strategies hit the mark every time. That's when Maxlead introduced them to Channable.

Channable's Implemented Solutions

Channable’s platform offered an all-in-one solution for WE Fashion by consolidating data, automating ad creation for their vast product range, and providing powerful insights to boost ad performance across four countries.

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Channable addresses WE Fashion’s challenges with a threefold solution:

  • Feed Management & Integration: By integrating various data sources, such as Google spreadsheets and data feeds like CSV and XML from WE Fashion's website, Channable streamlines the data. This consolidated data can then be directed towards Google Ads for Search and Shopping. The feedback from these channels is looped back into Channable for optimization based on search volumes and product performance.

  • Dynamic Ad Creation: Given the sheer volume of products, with 10,000 unique items, 750 ad groups, 12,500 keywords spanning 4 countries, manual management is impractical. With Channable's dynamic ad creation, as soon as a new product variant, like a new color, is added online, a new ad group is automatically created. This automation ensures timely and relevant advertising.

  • Performance Analytics: Channable's Insights & Analytics tool enables performance-based campaign segmentation. This means products can perform optimally based on their Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS). The tool also offers real-time data, empowering data-driven campaign creation, reporting, and automated product segmentation.

Strategic Product Bucketing for Ad Efficiency

Many fashion brands, when advertising online, treat all their products the same way, allocating similar budgets and resources without considering the unique characteristics and performance metrics of each product.

By not differentiating between products, companies might overspend on advertising for items that aren't popular or profitable, while underinvesting in products that have the potential to generate more revenue. This can lead to inefficiencies in advertising spend and missed opportunities.
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To tackle this, Maxlead and WE Fashion developed a score model that considers factors beyond just the price. They identified several key factors of influence, including the chance of product returns, markdown effects on margins, size availability, search volume, and revenue metrics distinguishing bestsellers from slow movers.

Using this model, products are then bucketed into high, mid, and low focus groups. Channable's dynamic feed management ensures that these scores are not static; as factors such as search volume or return rates change, products can move between predefined buckets.
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The real genius behind this approach lies in its application. By categorizing products into these buckets, WE Fashion is able to create tailored advertising strategies.

High focus products, often bestsellers or those with high search volumes, received advertising boosts to capitalize on their popularity. Low focus items, which might historically have drained advertising budgets without corresponding returns, were given a different treatment.

Maxlead masters Google Ads campaigns

Diving even deeper into WE Fashion and Maxleads' winning strategies we sat down with Stephanie Smits, Lead Consultant SEA @ Maxlead for our April episode of Agency Stories, Channable's curated webinar series created by digital experts for agencies.

Google Ads Campaigns

We discussed how they implemented their innovative strategies to overcome advertising obstacles and boost their Google Ads campaigns to new heights.

Watch the entire episode in the link here and explore the Agency Stories landing page to view the next edition.

Seamless ad management with Channable

Channable's integrated and automated solutions significantly ease the complexities of managing vast and varied Google Ads campaigns for brands like WE Fashion.

By optimizing feeds, automating ad group creation, and offering performance analytics, Channable ensures that brands can focus on what truly matters – delivering quality products and services to their customers.

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