Webinar: Master Google Ads Campaigns

May 10, 2024

In this video, dive into an insightful exploration of "How WE Fashion elevated their Google Ads campaigns with Maxlead and Channable." In the Agency Partner Day 2024 use case of the year winning presentation.

Discover how the famous brand WE Fashion, in collaboration with Maxlead and Channable, implemented innovative strategies to overcome advertising obstacles and boost their Google Ads campaigns to new heights.

In addition, explore innovative approaches for managing extensive product lineups, diverse promotions, and understand how automation can streamline ad creation and enhance campaign performance.

What you'll learn:

  1. Gain insights: Learn how WE Fashion and Maxlead overcame advertising challenges and optimized their Google Ads campaigns.

  2. Discover strategies: Explore innovative strategies for managing extensive product lineups and varied promotions.

  3. Understand automation: Hear how automation can streamline ad creation and boost campaign performance.

  4. Learn from success: Hear real-world success stories and practical applications of Channable's solutions.

  5. Optimize your strategy: Acquire actionable tips and techniques to enhance your digital advertising strategy.

Check out the recording to learn from industry experts and take your advertising campaigns to the next level.

Speaker Photo

Meet the speaker: Stephanie Smits

Lead Consultant SEA @ Maxlead

Stephanie joined Maxlead in 2019 as an Online Marketing Consultant specialist in Paid Search advertising. During her years as a consultant, she came into contact with feed-based advertising and has become more and more experienced in using Channable for her customers.

Now as a Lead Consultant, she prefers to use Channable to take her customers to the next level with the customers' end goals in mind.

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