Webinar: AI-Driven success in marketing: from click to conversion

February 27, 2024

Empower your marketing efforts with the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence in this edition of the Agency Stories series on the topic ‘AI-Driven success in marketing: from click to conversion’. Watch the recording to learn from experts and real success stories.

Gain insights from two real-world case studies

This insightful session delves into two impactful case studies, showcasing dramatic improvements in acquisition and conversion numbers with strategic AI integration.

Learn how a leading EdTech company achieved a remarkable reduction in CPA from 93% to 37.5% thanks to the integration of AI in the ad acquisition process.

In the second case study you will discover how AI led to significant improvements in conversion rates for eCommerce products.

Learn actionable tips for implementing AI in your marketing strategy

Take advantage of this opportunity to understand the tools and technologies instrumental in achieving remarkable results.

Some of the pillars that contributed to this success include market analysis, targeted advertising, advanced data processing, content optimization, advanced search capabilities, visual customer support, personalized marketing automation and user experience insights.

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