Should you Bid on Branded Keywords? A Cortina & Fingerspitz Case Study

June 13, 2023

Witness the success story of Cortina and Fingerspitz, a digital marketing agency. They achieved great results that can change how you think about branded keyword bidding.

Join Cortina & Fingerspitz on Their Brand Bidding Adventure

In this video, we show you how to use brand keywords and create engaging ads to grab attention. You'll see how Cortina cleverly bid on their branded terms and automated their paid search ads for the best results.

See Channable's Automation in Action

Fingerspitz had a smart thought: by changing bidding strategies and using Channable's automation tools, they could get more people to visit from non-paid search results and keep costs down.

With info from Google Ads and organic listings, Fingerspitz created ads that were spot-on and drew people in, boosting their quality scores and driving more clicks. Learn how they cleverly bid on branded terms to be more visible and grab the right leads.

Real-Time Data Makes Dynamic Campaigns Powerful

Channable's data smart rules allowed for precise bid changes, making sure Cortina’s ads show up prominently on the search engine results page, while keeping costs low. Find out their secrets behind their cost-saving approach, knowing when not to bid and using the power of organic results to drive visits.

Dive in and Uncover Your Brand's Potential

Ready to level up your branded keyword bidding? Discover how to confidently bid on your branded terms, knowing when to raise or lower your bids, and how your search queries perform. In this video you’ll learn how to copy their success with data-driven strategies, automated ad copy, and smart bid management.

Unlock the full potential of your brand online, effectively reach your target audience, and achieve a low-cost advertising strategy that gets results.

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