[Webinar] 5 advertising tactics to unlock multichannel growth

January 12, 2024

Discover Channable's guide to elevate your multichannel marketing game in 2024. Uncover the top 5 tactics to optimize campaigns and maximize your visibility. From dynamic product descriptions to streamlined automation, revolutionize your approach with our eCommerce tips and innovative tactics. Dive into our exclusive video for an in-depth exploration of these game-changing tactics. Take advantage of this opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and unlock your eCommerce growth.

Unleashing the Power of 5 Advertising Tactics for Multichannel eCommerce Growth in 2024

As we wrap up 2023 and reflect on the dynamic landscape of 2024, Channable is thrilled to have supported you in navigating the complexities of your eCommerce strategy and campaign management.

Our webinar, "5 Advertising Tactics to Unlock Multichannel eCommerce Growth in 2024," was a game-changer for actionable insights you can add to your campaigns right now.

In the spirit of reflection, let's revisit the key takeaways that aim to seamlessly integrate into your strategic planning for the year ahead.

Daniel Ridley webinar host announcement

1. Up-to-Date Listings: The Key to eCommerce Success

Discover why keeping your listings up-to-date is paramount to your eCommerce success. Explore effective optimization strategies that ensure your products shine in the ever-evolving market.

2. Automated Stock: Reducing Ad Spend, Boosting Conversions

Learn how automating your stock management can lead to reduced ad spend, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, happier customers. Dive into the details of streamlining your operations for maximum efficiency.

3. Visual Appeal: The Power to Increase Sales

Explore the impact of visual appeal on your eCommerce success. Uncover tips on leveraging the power of visuals to captivate your audience and drive sales.

4. Riding the Retail Media Wave

Get insights into riding the retail media wave and capitalizing on emerging trends. Stay ahead of the curve with tactics that align with the evolving landscape of retail media and social commerce.

5. Scaling Campaign Management with Automation

Discover the types of automation that can elevate your campaign management beyond current capacities. Unleash the potential to scale your operations and stay competitive in the ever-expanding eCommerce arena.

Join the Community in Reliving the Insights

If you missed the live webinar, fear not! You can still be a part of the community and catch the entire deep dive into our tips and tactics.

Watch the recorded webinar video, packed with insights to jumpstart your 2024 eCommerce season and craft a successful multichannel marketing strategy.

Stay tuned for more exciting discussions and opportunities to stay ahead of the competition in our Agency Stories series.

Cheers to unlocking your eCommerce growth in 2024!

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