Webinar: European Marketplace Trends 2024: A Deep Dive by Vertical

March 26, 2024

Join us for an in-depth exploration of European Marketplace Trends 2024, where you'll gain insights into refining your strategic approaches, setting realistic goals, and anticipating future challenges and opportunities, featuring Marketplace Universe founder Valerie Dichtl.

In this episode of Agency Stories: "European Marketplace Trends 2024: A Category-Wise Deep Dive," you'll embark on a comprehensive exploration of the evolving landscape of online marketplaces.

Marketplace Universe founder Valerie Dichtl will delve into the fundamentals of marketplace dynamics, contrasting the traditional retail model with the nuances of marketplace businesses.

Moreover, she will review the pivotal events and shifts in the marketplace industry throughout 2023, shedding light on their implications for brands and their digital strategies.

Dive in as the discussion turns to the crucial decision of selecting the most suitable marketplaces for your brand, coupled with strategies for setting realistic goals for online sales.

The heart of the discussion lies in an in-depth analysis of marketplace trends across multiple sectors, including:

  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • CEE
  • DIY & Garden
  • Kids
  • Beauty
  • Home & Living

What you'll learn

Gain insights into leveraging marketplace quadrants to refine your strategic approaches. Learn projections for marketplace trends in 2024 and glimpse into the future challenges and opportunities awaiting in the realm of digital marketplace.

Speaker Photo

Meet the speaker: Valerie Dichtl

Valerie has been blazing a trail in eCommerce since 2011. With roots in Amazon and fashion brands, Valerie has emerged as a B2B influencer, launching "Marketplace Uni" to educate and unite the marketplace industry.

Leading a consultancy focused on smart collaboration and co-hosting "Let's Talk Marketplace"-Podcast, Valerie shares insights and passion. As the creator of "Marketplace Quadrants," Valerie brings clarity to European marketplaces, evidenced by 70,000 views on LinkedIn.

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