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Streamlining success: The Stride-Up Channable connection

July 9, 2024

Stride-Up, a leading digital marketing agency, has transformed its operations and significantly enhanced client satisfaction by leveraging Channable's powerful platform. This partnership has streamlined processes, optimized product feeds, and enabled Stride-Up to provide superior services, focusing in the fashion industry.

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Streamlining success: The Stride-Up Channable connection

Mastering multitudes

Stride-Up has always been at the forefront of digital marketing innovation, but managing multiple clients efficiently and effectively posed a challenge. The introduction of Channable into their technology stack marked a pivotal moment for the agency. The use of Channable's Multi-Client Center (MCC) has revolutionized their account management.

Account managers can now easily share accounts, quickly create new client accounts, and link them with the MCC. This seamless integration allows for easy access to all setups in their client's account, significantly reducing the need for administrator intervention.

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One of the standout features of Channable that has been instrumental for Stride-Up is the ability to create and share Master Rules.

These rules can be copied and pasted across different projects and accounts, facilitating rapid implementation for new accounts and ensuring consistency across the board.

This capability has not only saved time but also ensured a high level of precision and efficiency across campaigns and accounts.

Channable's platform has greatly enhanced Stride-Up's operational efficiency, particularly in client management and product optimization.

For one client Stride-Up had a 4x in sales, over 3x in revenue and over a 35% increase in ROAS with the automation of descriptions and tiles with Channable's solution.

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The product feed connection and updates ensure that the latest information from the CMS is always available, which is crucial for the accuracy and relevance of campaigns. The platform's user-friendly design, comprehensive FAQ, and responsive support team have further contributed to making it accessible even for all account managers.

Streamlining success

Before adopting Channable, Stride-Up faced challenges managing large client catalogs and ensuring timely updates. The automation capabilities of Channable have addressed these issues effectively.

For instance, the categorization feature and the ability to control what is sent to platforms have made campaigns more profitable by avoiding the diffusion of outdated products and managing product titles more effectively for higher click and conversion.

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The partnership with Channable has also enabled Stride-Up to offer value-added services such as international market expansion and product feed optimization to scale campaigns without adding more maintenance or work.

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Channable's role in Stride-Up's technology stack cannot be overstated. It integrates seamlessly with other tools like Google Ads and Meta Ads, making it the sole tool at this scale that Stride-Up relies on.

The platform's competitive pricing has made it easier for Stride-Up to recommend Channable to their clients, contributing significantly to their growth and ability to manage a larger client portfolio.

A growing partnership

The collaboration between Stride-Up and Channable has not only streamlined the agency's operations but has also significantly enhanced its ability to deliver high-quality, efficient, and effective services to its clients.

The use of Channable's platform has led to increased client satisfaction and has supported Stride-Up's growth by enabling them to manage a larger portfolio of clients.

With a dedicated team of 29 Account Managers, Stride-Up continues to leverage Channable’s innovative solutions to drive success and achieve outstanding results for their clients.

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