How to integrate with Amazon from your Shopify shop

Amazon's growth has been impressive. But the first steps to integrate your catalog with Amazon’s Seller Central can be quite de-motivating if you do not automate the process. If you are a Shopify user and you are searching for an easy Amazon integration with Shopify, you landed in the right place! Channable offers a seamless Amazon API integration to simplify what can sometimes be a complex connection. Keep reading if you want to know more!


Is it possible to connect the Amazon integration directly from Shopify?

The short answer is NO, not anymore. Until mid 2021, Shopify offered a basic integration with Amazon which has been removed from the app store and is no longer available for merchants.

Without direct Amazon integration from Shopify, what are the other options?

Fortunately, the direct Amazon integration from Shopify is not the only chance you have to connect your catalog with Amazon Seller Central. There are other options out there! Some 3rd party solutions rely on the power of automation to help users save time, money and reduce the number of possible errors between their Shopify - Amazon integration. A good example would be a feed management tool, which is a simple and trusted solution to have a high-quality Amazon integration with Shopify. For instance, Channable offers a complete Amazon API for sellers who want to connect their Shopify with the Amazon Seller Central.

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Advantages of using Channable for the Amazon integration with Shopify

Channable’s Amazon API integration allows you to easily integrate your Shopify catalog with Amazon Seller Central, optimize your product listings and manage all your orders directly from Shopify.

TIP: Interested in using Channable to create your Amazon listings from Shopify? Find the Channable application directly in the Shopify App Store and start your free trial today!

Thanks to our Amazon API integration you can enjoy and utilize the following benefits:

Integrated API to keep your product listings up-to-date in real-time

Essentially, your product information is synced in real-time with our Amazon API integration. This way, your listings are always up to date and reflect any changes in stock or price on your online shop.

Easy-to-use attribute builder to quickly meet Amazon listing requirements

Easily configure your product data to meet the exact requirements that products in a specific Amazon category must have. This is especially useful if you sell several kinds of products that have very specific attribute requirements.

Product listings enriched and optimized to guarantee higher conversion rates

Optimized Amazon listings will guarantee you better conversions and more sales. Channable enables you to improve your listings using IF-THEN rules allowing you to filter, modify, and improve your product catalog with just a few clicks.

Order synchronization to manage your Amazon orders directly from Shopify

With the Amazon API, products that are purchased via Amazon update automatically in your Shopify online shop, letting you handle all orders (also from other marketplaces) all in one place.

Free technical support to help you get started

With Channable you have access to a large technical support department. Whether you need guidance, assistance, or just want to know more about our Amazon API configuration, our technical support team is happy to help.

Integrate your Shopify catalog with more than 2.500 channels

With Channable you get access to more than 2.500 channels, including Google Shopping, Facebook, eBay, AliExpress, etc. Saving you time and helping you manage your Shopify catalog to build your omnichannel strategy.

If you are interested in using Channable for your Amazon integration with Shopify, then check out the following steps to get your integration with Amazon live!

  1. First, create a free trial account in Channable.
  2. Then it is time to import your products to Channable. In order to do so, you need to install the Channable app in your Shopify store.
  3. Once your import from Shopify is done, it’s time to start the setup of your Amazon connection following these 6 simple steps.
  4. Finally, when your Amazon integration with Shopify is perfect and free of errors, you are ready to go live! And don’t worry, you will not be charged a dime unless you actively choose to set your Amazon connection live.

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