Creating an optimal Facebook Product Feed from your Shopify Store

With seemingly endless options for paid social and digital marketing platforms today, you might be wondering why you should advertise on Facebook. Simple, it’s still the most used social network worldwide, with roughly 2.9 billion monthly active users. Facebook is a powerful ad platform that can be used by brands to build brand awareness, engage with customers and re-market to those that have visited their Shopify store.


Why should I use Facebook Dynamic Ads?

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads are a highly relevant and effective way to retarget those that have visited your Shopify and ultimately help to drive conversion. With Facebook Dynamic Ads, you can create a single campaign that targets consumers who have expressed interest on your Shopify website. For example, when a consumer adds a product to their cart on your Shopify website, you can dynamically serve them an ad for the same product.

If you’re convinced Facebook Dynamic Ads can help drive conversions on your Shopify store, keep reading to discover how to easily create a Product Feed for Facebook (and Instagram) Ads using data from your Shopify store.

Optimized and complete product feeds are key for successful Facebook dynamic product ads

There is a direct correlation between how well your Facebook product catalog is optimized and the success of your Dynamic Product Ads. A high-quality Facebook data feed will enable your items to be more visible on Facebook and will also encourage users to click on your ads.
Creating a Product Catalog is actually the first step of building Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook.

Your product feed must be properly set up and follow Facebook’s strict format including complete product information for required fields. It’s possible to generate a Facebook Product feed manually by exporting a XML or CSV file from Shopify. However, the raw product data in this file isn’t suitable for uploading directly to your Facebook Catalog. This raw product feed export needs to be manually optimized and formatted to fit Facebook’s requirements.

Keep in mind, the product information in this feed is static and reflects information at the time of export only, so it’s important to regularly update the feed to avoid advertising products that are out of stock or discontinued. Completing this manual process regularly can be a time consuming and tedious task, especially if you have a large collection of products.

Alternatively, when using a 3rd party Feed Management solution like Channable, you can optimize your feed in just a few clicks using powerful rules. Channable refreshes your Facebook Product Feed with the latest product data from your Shopify store up to every hour, ensuring your Facebook Product feed remains updated and reflects the latest stock, price and promotional information.

Channable, the solution to create and optimize your Facebook product catalog using your Shopify product data

Channable’s Feed Management Solution is the easiest way to create, optimize, and take control of your product data for Facebook and 2500+ ad platforms, marketplaces, affiliate networks and other marketing channels. Channable offers an intuitive solution to create and enrich your Facebook product catalog. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, Channable enables you to:

Fetch Data from your Shopify with Built-in Shopify Plugin

Channable has a built-in Shopify Plugin that enables you to integrate your Shopify data to Channable in only a few clicks. When connected, the Plugin ensures that your product information is automatically synchronized between your Shopify store and Channable, keeping your Facebook feed updated.

Built-in Facebook product feed template

Channable gives you access to more than 2,500 up-to-date feed templates, including the Facebook and Instagram template. This Feed template ensures you meet all of Facebook’s required fields and avoids possible errors that hold your ads back from working properly.

Optimized ads for better results

Utilize Channable’s powerful rules to optimize, enrich and filter your product data. With Channable you have the power to ensure that your product data not only meets the channel requirements but is fully optimized and enriched, improving your ad relevance scores. For instance, use the master rules to announce a promotion or exclude products with a low profit margin.

Daily synchronization of your product feed

When product information changes on your Shopify store, Channable synchronizes all changes with Facebook (and all your other channels). This helps you to communicate the correct information across all channels and stay up to date, up to every hour! This allows you to avoid wasting valuable ad budget on out of stock products.

Free technical support

We know how challenging it can be to adopt new tools. Channable offers free technical support if you need guidance with the setup of your Facebook product catalog. Get your Dynamic ads live in no time! You’ll also receive free access to our training hub “The Channacademy”.

Channacademy, your personal learning center

Upskill in feed management, learn how to set up your first feed, how to set rules, and much to make you an eCommerce expert!

If you’re interested in using Channable to integrate your Shopify store and create Dynamic Facebook Ads, then check out the following steps:

  1. First, create a Free Trial account in Channable.
  2. Install the Channable app in your Shopify store in order to import your products from the store to Channable.
  3. Once your import from Shopify is completed, it’s time to start the setup of your Facebook Feed following these 6 simple steps.
  4. Finally, when your Facebook Feed is complete, optimized and free of errors, you’re ready to go live! Just upload the product feed URL generated through Channable to Facebook Business Manager.
  5. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged until you actually activate your Facebook Feed, so you can use the free trial to get a feel of the Channable’s tool first.

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