4 ways to improve your ads Quality Score

May 19, 2021

Quality score is a Google metric used to help predict your Google Ad Rank. It’s an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing page. By making sure that each element has a high quality, you can increase your chances of a higher rank in Google Ads. Whilst Google discourages fixating on the Quality Score, using it as an indicator of the health of your ads and introducing long term performance goals will gradually help bring it up.


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4 ways to improve your ads Quality Score

For many, the Quality Score can still be quite enigmatic. But there are a few ways that you can improve your Quality Score to help climb the ad rank, but also lower your Ad Rank threshold. Ad Rank thresholds determine a minimum cost for showing your ad. The threshold is influenced by ad quality. Hence why having high-quality ads can further improve your Ad Rank as your threshold can be lowered - so you pay less!

In addition to the vital points that are covered below, your ad rank is also influenced by account hygiene (your historical ad performance), bid, and more. It’s good to research what else influences Ad Rank to strengthen your chances.

1. Use the right landing page

From an internet user’s perspective, this is a no brainer. If you click on an ad you want to be brought to the page most relevant to your keywords.

As the advertiser, be sure to determine whether the keyword is specific and therefore requires a product level landing page, or more general and therefore a keystone landing page will suffice. For example, a real estate agency wants to use the price of the cheapest flat in an area in an ad. But it would like to use a landing page that includes all the flats available in that area, not only the cheapest one.

Channable has a few rules that can help you extract more general URLs from your product URLs. Enabling a higher funnel landing page. In the example above, the estate agent purely needs to identify the URL pattern and implement a rule to modify it accordingly. They are:

  1. Split text
  2. Modify text
  3. Replace value

In addition to being relevant to the keyword, the landing page can be improved with customer testimonials, a clear call-to-action, the benefits as well as features, ensure the page is both mobile and desktop friendly, and a fast load time.

2. Use a data feed to increase ad relevancy

You can quickly improve the relevancy of your ad copy if you have a data feed at hand. The logic behind this is simple. By using the information in a data feed to create text for ads, the ad will directly contain information from the landing page and thus increase relevancy.

Channable’s PPC tool allows you to generate ads using data feeds, increasing your ad relevancy and saving you time from manually typing each ad. Clients such as Rituals, TMI, and Komplett have recorded significant improvements since using Channable to generate ads.

Some high converting data to include in ad copy can be gender, size, colors, brands, dates, destinations, price, and even availability, which are fields in your data feed. These fields can be added or combined in a template to produce dynamic ad copy, instantly generating thousands of ads. That will be instantly updated when the information does!

3. Increase your (good) keywords

In addition to Google's own keyword planner, there are hundreds of tools out there today that can help you identify search terms similar to your existing keywords. For instance, can help you find keywords, but also questions and long-tail search terms, without an account.

Another great, available source of keywords is your data feed. By combining fields in your data feed, you have instantly created potentially hundreds of new high-quality keywords. Combining keywords is super easy in Channable’s rules step. Channable’s PPC tool will then directly send all freshly created keywords to Google Ads with a click. Norwegian was able to go from creating 18,000 keywords manually to 200,000 after implementing Channable.

In terms of match type, quality score is only influenced when the query matches the keywords i.e. exact match. This makes sense if you think that a person specifically looking for blue summer hats clicks on your ad with the keyword blue summer hat - indicates your ad is of high quality. You can specify whether a keyword ought to be modified broad, broad, phrase, and/or exact in Channable!

4. Bear in mind the diversity of devices

The device (desktop, mobile, or tablet) that the potential customer is using is considered when your Quality Score is calculated. Therefore, don’t overlook the importance of making your site compatible.

Extra tip?

Set up ad extensions
Unless you only have one page on your site, what’s your excuse to not use ad extensions and sitelinks? Sitelinks are a fantastic way to provide a better customer experience for customers searching the web for your offering. Sitelinks enable you to include additional hyperlinks to key pages on your website. Ad extensions also make your ad more prominent, stand out from your competitors.

As mentioned before, whilst improving the Quality Score can help with estimating ad rank, it’s only one indicator. Trial-and-error is the way to go and just keep testing and optimizing based on the performance you measure. But you can most certainly use Quality Scores to guide optimizations and experience better performance.

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