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Norwegian’s innovative automation based on Channable feeds

July 24, 2019

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Norwegian Airlines has a data feed that’s incredibly big but also complex. Before, it was riddled with problems like outdated prices and misleading names. Ole Henrik Hasle, Norwegian’s global digital media strategist, initially sought a tool to restructure the feed and revolutionize Norwegian’s online advertising with automation. Today, Channable supports its impressive automation of PPC, as well as for display and social media ads.

Norwegian’s innovative automation based on Channable feeds

Norwegian Air Shuttle is the parent company of the Norwegian group and offers flights on more than 500 routes to over 150 destinations worldwide. Each route, including to and from, is an individual item in Norwegian’s master data feed. Their data feed contains “inventory of stocks”, routes, and prices that vary according to each pair of cities they fly between. Furthermore, it changes rapidly depending on where the flight departs from, seasonality, and availability. Norwegian’s story with Channable began with a search for a tool that would allow them to create rules and fix their master feed.

I had many more plans for what I wanted to do with a feed and needed a scalable and flexible solution.

What you can find in the Norwegian success story:

  • Examples of how Norwegian uses Channable for display, social media, and PPC.

  • Norwegian’s marketing automation process fueled by Channable feeds.

  • A detailed account of how Channable has helped Norwegian save production costs, increase ad relevancy and improve performance on all channels.

  • Statistics on Norwegian’s impressive ROAS improvement.

  • Norwegian’s future plans and desires for Channable and its feeds.

With a feed distributing inventory to dynamic ads, we’ve seen vast cost savings and improvements in ROAS.

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To read examples of how Ole and the Norwegian team use Channable, download the success story. Feel free to contact the team if you have any questions about what you read or would like to know how to get started with Channable.

Read this blog and Norwegian’s success story in Dutch, German, Spanish, or French.

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