Increase the CTR of your ads with price extensions and sitelinks

May 19, 2021

Want to make your ads on Google Ads stand out even more? Then consider using price extensions and sitelinks to increase the visibility of your ads. In this blog, you can read how you can get started with this in a dynamic way!


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Increase the CTR of your ads with price extensions and sitelinks

Google Ads offers many extensions to make your ads stand out even more. Price extensions and sitelinks are two possibilities. With these extensions, your ads will stand out even more and enrich your ad copy. Potential customers are more inclined to click on your ads and therefore the click-through rate will be generally higher!

What are price extensions?

Price extensions allow you to highlight some of your products and/or services. They are displayed under your ad as a kind of menu, and the price will be shown too. See it as a showcase of the items you want to put in the spotlight! For example, products that are on sale, or relevant for a certain season or holiday. Users can browse through that menu and click on a product or service that interests them. They will then be taken directly to the page of that specific item.

A working example is imagine you’re selling electronics, including laptops. You could set price extensions for any type/brand of laptop, such as Apple, Asus, or Toshiba, with a "starting from" price. If you have a couple of laptops on sale, then you could set price extensions for each laptop and its promotional price. You can make it as specific as you want!

Advantages of price extensions

  • Price extensions display well on computers and mobile devices. Make sure that the pages to which the price extensions lead to are also optimized for mobile devices!

  • There are no additional costs. A click on a price extension costs the same as a "normal" click on your ad.

  • It requires less effort to update your ads with new information. You don't have to rewrite your ad copy, you just add price extensions. You will also not lose any performance statistics because of this.

Price extensions in Channable

Google Ads price extensions are available in Channable and can be implemented easily Now you can dynamically highlight your items in your ads. The different elements of a price extension are: "headline", "description" "landing page", and "price". In Channable, these fields are completely dynamic. This means that you can generate many price extensions based on your product feed. Note: In Channable, price extensions are created at ad group level.

Some of our customers already use the Channable price extension feature. Erik, Acquisition Marketing Lead at international online travel company Travix, says "With the price extension feature in Channable we can automatically and widely add relevant price extensions in Google Ads at the ad group level. The feature is easy to set up and with the rules in Channable, we can customize it as desired. "

Travix, uses Google Ads for, which has a very large and rapidly changing inventory. "We are now using the feature to communicate the prices of other departure airports in our advertisements. We see an improvement in efficiency because the extensions are updated daily, so this saves us manual work. But, we also see a nice performance improvement in which the ads with price extensions achieve a higher CTR than ads without price extensions, "says Erik.

Nick Oltvoort, head of Advertising at digital agency, and Channable Gold Partner, Adwise, is also happy creating price extensions with Channable. Especially to keep the prices up to date, something that is not yet easy to set manually through Google. He says, "we think it is a top feature, which allows us to keep the prices in the price extensions up-to-date with feed-based campaigns. Google has not yet made it easy to automate this quickly, so you often see in accounts that prices are no longer up-to-date after a while. This takes extra time to manually check and periodically track, which is a waste of time that you prefer to put into strategic work."

In short, deploying price extensions through Channable will save you a lot of time in keeping everything up to date. In addition to price extensions, it is also possible to use another Google extension with Channable: sitelinks!

What are sitelinks?

Sitelinks are additional links that are shown under an ad in the search results, and can lead people to specific pages on your site. They are extremely useful if you want to add extra links to website pages to your ad, for example, to a specific product page or a page with your opening hours. This allows potential customers to get faster to the pages of your website that are relevant to them. In addition, your ad with sitelinks occupies a more prominent place among Google search results, pushing other ads down. Your visibility is therefore also increased!

Advantages of sitelinks

  • Sitelinks display well on computers and on mobile devices. Your ad can show up to six sitelinks on a computer and up to eight on a mobile device. The minimum number of sitelinks is two.

  • There are no additional costs. A click on a sitelink is billed as a "normal" click on your ad.

  • It requires less effort to update your ads with new information. You don't have to rewrite ad copy, you just add sitelinks. You will also not lose any performance statistics because of this.

  • You gain insight into the specific clicks and you, therefore, know what your potential customers find most interesting.

Sitelinks in Channable

Add dynamic sitelinks to your ads using Channable. All fields from a sitelink, the "link text", "link URL", and the two descriptions can be built entirely with dynamic fields. This means that you can generate many sitelinks based on your product feed. Note that in Channable, sitelinks are created at the ad group level.

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