Channable’s handy Google Ads cheat sheet [infographic]

May 19, 2021

A typical day using Google Ads will include creating campaigns, Shopping campaigns, ad groups, improving quality scores for ad ranking, and implementing ad extensions. But what do they all mean? Use this infographic to decipher Google Ads’ jargon - fast.


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Channable’s handy Google Ads cheat sheet [infographic]

As the largest search engine in the world, Google’s paid advertising attracts business of many sizes. However, to an untrained-eye, Google Ads can feel impossible to navigate through and decipher. To make life easier, Channable compiled an infographic to help you get your head around the most common Google Ads terminology.


Feel free to share this Google Ads cheat sheet infographic on the social media network of your choice. If you’re wanting to save time and generate your Google Ads, take a look at Channable’s SEA Tool. With a built-in template, you can generate hundreds of ads for Google and Bing from the information in a data feed and they’re even automatically updated!

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