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Rituals finds Google Ads campaign focus with Channable

September 30, 2019

Advertising with large amounts of data and managing Google Ad campaigns can be very cumbersome and time consuming. Maik Nieuwboer, SEA marketer at Rituals, explains, “We had many product specific ad groups. As soon as a product was out of stock, it remained in this ad group, and then the ads were rejected by Google. This meant a lot of extra manual work for us.” Entire teams were tasked with keeping products and campaigns up to date, in stock, and organized. Feeling this pain, Rituals went searching for a feed and Google Ads management solution to relieve its marketing stress.

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Rituals finds Google Ads campaign focus with Channable

Authentic Rituals

A Dutch company founded in 2000, Rituals has pioneered Home & Body cosmetics as a brand. As the market leader in the Netherlands, it has taken Europe by storm both online and in-store. Offering unique gifts and quality products inspired by the lifestyles and rituals practiced in Asian traditions.

Finding focus

Managing the online marketing campaigns of one of the fastest growing brands in the Netherlands is not easy. With its ever-expanding list of collections, Rituals needed to optimize its Google Ads for maximum awareness and efficiency. Maik gives perspective into Rituals marketing, “We offer many specific products with unique ad groups. It had become very time consuming for our ads team to update and maintain all of the Google Ads. An example being: Setting up new campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords. Everything had to be done manually per product (± 20 per launch) and then for 17 countries. Some countries had different prices and other USPs, so this cost us even more extra work to sort.”

Conscious collaboration

With a wide variety of collections, centralizing Rituals marketing within Channable was the natural progression from feed management to bring all operations onto one platform. “We already used Channable to manage all of our feed connections and ad campaigns all in one place. Because we were familiar with the tool and the company, we felt that the text ads were a logical next step.” Channable thus enabled Rituals to hone its SEA for greater awareness and outreach, without making the setup too overwhelming.

With this tool, our time has become more efficient, especially for the product specific ads.

Dynamic action

Thanks to the possibilities Channable’s dynamic fields allows, Rituals was able to update and combine information, such as price or stock availability, together with static text, without the effort of creating new Google Ad campaigns for every small change. Before Rituals started with dynamic fields, this process was very complex, “The Local Online Marketing Managers (OMMs) had to make sure that the static text for the text ads was easy to combine with elements from the feed. You can imagine that in French and German the articles are a big problem: le, les, la, and der, die, das. This also applies to almost all languages except English and Dutch." Implementing Channable’s dynamic fields resulted in more flexible SEA campaigns and new strategies that are not restricted by static text, eliminating redundant language problems.

Results realized

Rituals has had 13,500 active ads running via Channable in all countries since August 2018. In that period, up until April 2019, some impressive results were recorded. “We have had over 2.5 million impressions on Google amounting to a growth of 44%. Further, clicks were up 55%, and we have seen growth of 7.6% in CTR, 7.65% in AOV, and a 4.7% higher conversion rate. The rest of the results are comparable to before, only now it takes much less time. Not only for me, but also for all our Local OMMs, who otherwise have to continuously write texts for our Google Ad campaigns.”

Growth in numbers

Growth in impressions 44%
Growth in clicks 55%
Growth in CTR 7.6%
Conversion rate up 4.7%
AOV increased 7.65%

Using the dynamic text ads offered by Channable made sense

With the help of Channable’s dynamic fields, Rituals was able to save money on out-of-stock product ads. “Rejections in ads due to out of stock have been eliminated. Meaning money is no longer wasted on these SEA campaigns, and the time-consuming creation of new collection campaigns has been drastically reduced.”

Words of wisdom from Rituals

Maik is very positive about the collaboration with Channable, “If customers have a large assortment of products, I would definitely recommend Channable. Their tool automatically ensures that you can pick up long tail keywords, and it saves a lot of work in the setup. In addition, it is an easy tool if you understand Google Ads, and Channable’s support is incredibly friendly and useful. Resulting in quick solutions and service.”

With Rituals’ success using the tool, the team looks to future possibilities with creativity and optimism. “Channable is very flexible and open to feedback, which means that there are new functions being developed based on the customers’ needs. We will soon be automating our sitelinks via the Text Ads tool.”

If you want to know more about the possibilities of the SEA tool or you want to get started on the SEA tool, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help your Google Ads campaigns reach their full potential.

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