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Automated, real-time, and location-based Google Ads recruitment campaigns for TMI

July 11, 2019

Creating Google ads for thousands of jobs is not only time consuming but further complicated when recruitment agencies are restricted on keywords and roles are filled every minute. Tijmen van Duijvenvoorde, the COO at SDIM, shares how Channable helped them overcome barriers to lessen CPA, improve conversion, and lower CPC for leading healthcare recruitment agency TMI.


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Automated, real-time, and location-based Google Ads recruitment campaigns for TMI

TMI is one of the largest recruitment agencies for the healthcare industry. It offers various types of jobs for nurses, paramedics, doctors, and medical specialists. Since 2001, the recruitment agency has grown from a local player to a large internationally-oriented recruitment and job agency, fully specialized in the healthcare industry. TMI is now active in the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saint Martin, and Suriname.

Being active in 10 countries means that there are over 1000 different active jobs at any given time. With new jobs being posted and old jobs being fulfilled, being up to date in a campaign is not easily done by hand.SDIM, TMI’s marketing agency and one of Channable’s first clients, determined that “a technological solution was necessary to aid in creating dynamic text ads. Channable was the most compatible solution and all that was needed to get started was an XML feed containing all the job vacancies.”

The approach

Keyword research showed SDIM that most prospects' search queries contained both a ‘job title’ and a ‘location’, for example ‘account manager Amsterdam’. This posed the first challenge for SDIM. As a recruitment agency, TMI is not able to directly name the companies it works for or the exact location of the job in the ads.

Job postings need to be anonymized. Furthermore, the location cannot be very specific, e.g. the vacancy ad can state ‘region Amsterdam’ but in actual fact, the job is situated in Amstelveen (a suburb of Amsterdam).

Therefore, TMI’s XML feed contained only very broad regional keywords, despite SDIM’s keyword research showing that it is very important to have a correct location. Channable gave SDIM the means to add more specific ‘city fields’ to the job postings, in order to make keywords more relevant. This provided SDIM with multiple ways to create keyword combinations. “We managed to create keywords such as ‘account manager vacancies South Holland’ but also ‘account manager Leiden’.”

SDIM combined the function titles with both the region/city and static keywords like ‘vacancies’ or ‘work’ in Channable’s SEA tool.

tmi channable ad template

The results

Channable has enabled SDIM to improve TMI’s ad relevancy and also save ample time.

  • Highly specific keywords

  • Highly specific ad copy

  • Correct landing pages for each individual job ad

  • Ability to advertise on highly specific job titles (normally too specific to add to a manual campaign)

  • New jobs are automatically added to the campaign

  • Fulfilled jobs are automatically removed from the campaign

  • Thousands of ads are created automatically

Improved relevancyTime-saving

Compared to the non-dynamic search campaigns, SDIM saw significant improvement across three KPI's.

MetricCPC (cost per click)Conversion rateCPA (Cost per acquisition)
Regular campaign€ 0.651.18%-
Dynamic campaign€ 0.53 (-18%)1.46%Down 33%

Channable helped lower CPA by a third, save 18% on the average CPC and increase conversion rates. Channable’s SEA tool also helped TMI save money by automatically pausing any ads for jobs that had already been filled. Channable’s SEA tool automatically pauses any ad that is no longer in the feed. For TMI, this is when a job role is filled.

It is very time-consuming to manage all the job postings and keep the advertising campaigns up to date. With this custom solution, we can be 100% sure that all of our active job postings are being promoted, and that we don’t waste any advertising budget on positions that have been filled already. And of course: the campaigns are very cost-effective.

SDIM’s undeniable success for improving TMI’s ads with Channable’s SEA tool serves as inspiration for other recruitment agencies. Channable can help generate more relevant ads in less time and save costs. If you’re keen to get started, feel free to create your own free account and contact one of Channable’s sales teams for more information.

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