Reach more visibility with Channable’s Kruidvat integration

Channable offers a direct integration with Kruidvat Marketplace. Scale your eCommerce presence with the leading online retailer for Health and Beauty in the Benelux and profit from automating your sales with Channable.


Kruidvat Marketplace, part of AS Watson Group, offers a unique size and reach in the Benelux Health and Beauty market. Connecting your online shop with Kruidvat via Channable’s direct API integration enables you to grow your presence in the segment in an automated way.

As a curated marketplace, Kruidvat is selecting partners from the Benelux countries in relevant categories, aiming to add a complementary partner assortment to its existing core categories.

Good to know: To kick off the eCommerce marketplace, Kruidvat’s first expansion focus is on the high performing baby category. The marketplace is looking to extend into a range of baby products to complement its popular diaper business. As Kruidvat’s eCom presence continues to grow, the Beauty & Health categories are to be extended.

Automate your sales on Kruidvat Marketplace

As a Kruidvat seller, you can profit from the following benefits when automating your sales with Channable:

  • The direct Kruidvat integration will automatically list your products based on your catalog, making sure your listings on Kruidvat Marketplace are always up-to-date.
  • Powerful “if” and “then” rules will match your product information with Kruidvat’s requirements, or filter out the products you do not want to list.
  • Get real-time stock updates on a daily basis to manage your listings on Kruidvat and other eCommerce channels.
  • Synchronize your orders back to your online shop with the automated Kruidvat integration.

Find out more about Channable’s marketplace functionalities and the technical setup of your Kruidvat integration.

Benefits of selling on Kruidvat Marketplace

By becoming an approved seller on Kruidvat’s eCommerce platform, you will have direct access to a vast network of loyal customers and the benefits of a strong retail brand:

  • Get instant access to 2.9 million weekly visitors online
  • A loyal audience with 6.7 million Kruidvat Club members
  • Daily customer exposure (Kruidvat is the largest retail network in Belgium and the largest media advertiser in the Netherlands)
  • Unique partnership at category level (Kruidvat is not looking for multi-offer products)

Sell on Kruidvat: How to get started

To connect with Kruidvat Marketplace via the Channable Kruidvat API, it is mandatory to pass the application and selection process led by Kruidvat Marketplace. Get in touch with Kruidvat and apply as a new selling partner via email to

Once approved as a Kruidvat selling partner, you can create your Kruidvat API connection in Channable by navigating to the API tab in your existing tool account or sign up for a new Channable account.

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