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Social Ads: how Adsvisers enabled Courir to increase its turnover by 249% with Channable

October 8, 2020

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With around 37 million active users¹ per month, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform in France. In fact, in Q2 of 2020, there were 2.7 billion monthly² active Facebook users across the world which makes it the biggest social media platform in the world. This huge figure makes it clear that the opportunities for advertisers to develop their online business are vast; particularly in the retail sector. In this success story, we speak to Valentin Quelard (Co-CEO & Technical Director) to uncover how the marketing agency Adsvisers managed to increase the turnover of Courir by 249% thanks to creating quality social ads with Channable.

Social Ads: how Adsvisers enabled Courir to increase its turnover by 249% with Channable

Adsvisers is a marketing agency based in Paris that specializes in PPC and social ads. They support companies from an eclectic range of industries, one of these companies is Courir. Courir is very successful in all of France and is the leader of the sneaker market within the country.

As you probably know, the sneaker (or “trainer” for us Brits) was originally a shoe reserved for athletics; for sportspeople. However, it quickly became popular among the public and is now an essential of the wardrobe. Whether you’re 7 or 70, today most people will have at least one pair of sneakers. According to a study conducted by the FFC (French Shoe Federation), in 2018 sneakers occupied 47% of the shoe market³. This figure has increased year on year which suggests that the demand for the beloved sneaker will only continue growing.

And what about supply and demand? Well, with more than 150 new brands appearing in France over the last 5 years⁴, sneaker-heads are spoiled for choice. This gives multi-brand stores, such as Courir, the opportunity to regularly refine their offers and remain competitive in an ultra-competitive market.

Adsvisers guides Courir through its digital transformation

In 2018, Adsvisers began working with Courir. Valentin Quelard, Co-CEO and Technical Director of Adsvisers, explains:

"Courir had big ambitions because they were quite young in the digital world and felt that there was a large market share to be won. So they were looking to increase their marketing budget".

To boost Courir’s turnover, Adsvisers decided to implement several digital marketing tactics using Channable. They started with Google Shopping then added social ads via Facebook and Instagram. Today, 89% of the French population (around 58 million) use the internet, among which 39 million are active on social media platforms⁵. Both Adsvisers and Courir agreed that Facebook was the social media platform to tackle:

“Facebook is often seen as a lever of notoriety, except that we are increasingly able to achieve performance with Facebook Ads, so it is an interesting lever for e-merchants".

The Challenge of Social Ads

In order for Courir to acquire conversions from Facebook and Instagram, Valentin relied on dynamic remarketing:

"The goal was to get sales, and it worked very well! The remarketing on social networks helps us to get people who have already come on the site to convert".

The goals are therefore not the same as on Google. When a potential customer uses Google, their intention is to buy. They will search for a particular sneaker or brand and be presented with a huge number of choices which makes it hard to be noticed. In layman’s terms, dynamic retargeting makes it possible to show ads to people who have already shown an interest in the product. Either by visiting certain sites or their online behavior in general. Social media retargeting ads are therefore targeted and personalized; but how can you ensure you create quality, successful ads?

Dynamic remarketing is really what gives us the best results.

As a multi-brand company, Courir sells products that can be purchased in many other stores; both online and offline. The objective is therefore a difficult one. Courir must differentiate itself from the competition by creating and maintaining a high level of online visibility. How did Adsvisers help Courir achieve this?

"It is essential to always have an up-to-date flow, which works well and highlights the best information for the internet user to generate conversion. Flow management is therefore a very important issue for Courir".

Channable has proved to be a great ally that has saved the Adsvisers teams hours of manual work.

"It is still extremely complex to manage feeds manually, and the results are often not very relevant".

Another crucial element on which success can be determined is the price. One of the main advantages of using a feed and PPC management tool such as Channable is that data can be automatically and continually updated. The prices of products will be automatically updated as soon as a change is made within the data feed. This eliminates the need to manage these changes manually. Which is particularly useful during large marketing campaigns such as Black Friday, Christmas sales, and January sales. Essentially, any time sales are booming and advertisers need to respond to high demand with ads that are 100% reliable.

Fantastic Results

To create high-performing social ads, Adsvisers use automatic placement. In simpler terms:

“It is Facebook's tools that will choose where to place the ad thanks to machine learning. We have noticed that we get better performance when we let an algorithm take care of the distribution of ads"

And thanks to the time saved, Adsvisers can fully focus on creating added value for Courir and its digital strategy.

Between July 2019 and July 2020, Courir’s turnover increased by 249% thanks to the support of Adsvisers who utilized Channable to create fully-optimized social ads. In the future, Valentin aims to make the most of this marketing channel to implement an acquisition strategy for his client Courir. And, on a more general level, train his team on how to best use Channable and raise awareness about the usefulness of feed management and PPC automation among his customers.

Channable's big advantage is the special relationship we have with the teams. We are consulted for product advances and the support is efficient. We can therefore work on an interface that allows us to make optimizations easily.

Do you also want your sales to dramatically increase by utilizing ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat? Contact us for a demo of the tool or create a free trial account today.

This article is also available in French and Spanish.

Please note that this article was carried out by our dedicated France Channable team then translated into English. Hence the reason for French-language sources. ¹ ² ³ ⁴ ⁵

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