How to set up Smart Shopping Campaigns with Channable

February 22, 2021

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Setting up Smart Shopping Campaigns will not only save you loads of time, it will highly likely also help you improve your Shopping Ads overall performance. In this article you will receive a simple guide on how to set up Smart Shopping Campaigns using Channable.

How to set up Smart Shopping Campaigns with Channable

Video: Watch our tutorial about Smart Shopping Campaigns, presented by Robert Smit, Product Owner at Channable.

How to get started with Smart Shopping Campaigns

Smart shopping campaigns are quick and easy to set up and require minimal management and maintenance. Google’s algorithms do all the heavy lifting of optimizing based on a determined goal that you set yourself. You can start small and you do not require a large budget to get going.

  1. Start by adding a new shopping ads generator. This can be done by entering the shopping ads tab inside the tool.

    • Note: If you notice you do not have access to this feature, then it might as well be that your account is not on a professional pricing plan. You can change this by going to the plans and pricing page inside the tool. The professional plan can be added from the medium business package and forward.

    Next up, give it a name and select the proper credential as you would, if you were setting up a standard shopping campaign. And finally, select the smart shopping campaign as the campaign type.

  2. Having set up the generator, the next step is to set up the rules. Maybe you want to optimize your feed a bit or maybe you want to exclude a certain range of your products, in which you do not want to advertise via smart shopping campaigns.

    For more information on rules, you should head to the Channable Help Center.

  3. After setting up the rules, the next step is connected to setting up your campaigns. First, decide how you want to structure the campaigns by deciding upon your campaign name(s). Keep in mind that you have the option to combine static information with dynamic fields from your feed. Next, you select the campaign country and the campaign budget, and then all you need to do is decide upon a bidding strategy.

    This is obviously where smart shopping campaigns differ from standard shopping campaigns. As mentioned in an earlier article, Google gives you two strategies to choose between. Choose between Maximize Conversion Value or Custom TargetROAS.

  4. Having decided your campaign settings, the rest of the set up is then done in a similar fashion as with standard shopping campaigns. Choose to use the product groups stage to divide your products further.

  5. The smart shopping campaign(s) is now all set up and you can utilize the preview stage to check what will be sent to Google.

Final remarks

When setting up a Smart Shopping campaign, please allow the campaign to run for a minimum of 2 weeks so enough data is gathered for the optimization of the campaign. Also, make sure that you put enough products in the campaign as it makes it harder for Google’s algorithm to optimize with few products to choose from.

On top of that, it might be worthwhile to put products with really big differences in performance and/or margins into different campaigns. And then adjust the TargetROAS accordingly. With this, you maintain some level of control while still benefiting from automation.

If you want to get started with the Smart Shopping feature, feel free to log in to your account or sign up for a free trial today. You will find the new feature directly within the Shopping Ads tab.

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