How do I find the perfect feed management tool?

October 1, 2021

Considering a feed management tool to handle your product feeds, but you do not know which one is best for you? The process can be quite overwhelming. These five tips will help you navigate the process of making the right decision.

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How do I find the perfect feed management tool?

But first, what is a feed management tool? A feed management tool sends your product data to selected price comparison sites, marketplaces, and affiliate networks.

It allows you to quickly and easily customize your product data for optimal viewing on numerous export platforms such as Amazon, Google Shopping, or Idealo. These connections are not only relevant to e-commerce platforms/online shops and marketing agencies, but also to airlines, job agencies, and/or real estate agencies.

By using a feed management tool, you can easily add and customize your data. Allowing your products to be optimally presented to reach the largest audience.

But before you jump into the jungle of feed management tools, here are the five tips.

1. The price

Your budget
From a few euros, a month to thousands - everything is possible. First, ask yourself how much money you want to invest in a feed management tool. Measure now how many sales you make per month, and project what could be made with the different pricing models. The main goal of a feed management tool is to increase your online reach. So, make sure that investing in a platform that will pay off.

A lot or little - what is best?
What features does a tool need to offer to meet your needs? Consider if a low-priced feed management tool and its features will meet your expectations. An expensive service is not necessarily better than a cheap one.

Time and cost saved
A good feed management tool will save you a lot of time and money. Consider how much time you are currently putting into your feeds, and then calculate the potential time savings with a feed management tool. If the feed management tool greatly reduces the calculated personnel costs, you will have an indication of the tool cost vs work hours.

Different pricing models
Most feed management tools offer different pricing models. Think about what's important to you in a tool. Do you want to offer your products on as many marketplaces as possible or do you only have a set amount of export channels in mind? The same applies to contracts and commitments. Some providers only offer annual contracts, others allow you to change your pricing model monthly. With Channable, you can adjust your pricing model to your changing needs every month, keeping you flexible.

2. User-friendliness

Who has the time to learn a tool that takes weeks? A program should be easy to use and self-explanatory. Make sure your selected tool meets the following requirements:

Intuitive interface
In a good tool, you should find your way right off the bat without having to search for functionalities. The layout should be clearly structured and easy to use.

Request a demo
Will a free demo be offered before you choose a tool? Can you test the tool for free to see if it fits your needs? If a trial is offered, you should definitely test it first. With Channable, you can test the tool for as long as you want. Giving you the chance to get acquainted with the functions, without stress.

Support & Help Center
Is free support offered? How, and when can they be reached? Do they offer support in your native language? These are all questions that you should ask. Is there a help center? You probably do not want to email or call for every small question. Look at the website of the tool to see whether a help center or "how-to" article can clarify any issues you may have.

3. Which export platforms are offered?

You probably already know which export platforms you want to sell on. Make sure your favorite price comparison sites, affiliate networks, and marketplaces are supported by the tool you choose. This information can usually be found on the website of the tool. If your desired export channel is not yet supported, Channable also has the option to create it, just contact us!

4. Functions

While some functions are nice-to-have, others are essential to function at 100%. Weigh what you think is important and what is not.

First, you should clarify whether you can easily connect your online shop/e-commerce platform with your chosen feed management tool. Does the tool support a connection to your store provider (Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, etc.)? Or do you have the option to upload your data feed in other formats e.g. CSV or XML? Is it possible to combine different formats from different sources?

Data feed optimization
Once you have imported your data, see what features the tool offers, such as:

  • Automatic item categorization

  • Easy exporting to marketplaces/API connections

  • Ability to personalize your feed

  • Create custom rules e.g. to change values or exclude products that are no longer in stock.

Order synchronization
Find out if your potential feed management tool offers order connections to the marketplaces you need. With order connections, your orders are forwarded in real-time from a marketplace (such as Amazon) to your online shop. Saving time and manpower.

Google Analytics
Data is an important asset for seeing how your items perform and where you sell the most. Look into whether there is Google Analytics connectivity with your feed management tool of choice.

Google Ads (AdWords) editor tool
Do not forget the power of Google in your advertising strategy. When you advertise on Google, you increase your reach enormously. Does your feed management tool offer the opportunity to easily advertise with Google Ads?

5. Quality of technical support

A good quality tool is important, especially if unforeseen errors occur or you are having issues with your data feed. Will the tool you use inform you if an error occurs?

Will you be getting the support you need from a knowledgeable technical team? How often is your data updated? How fast is the loading time? These are all factors that you should include in your selection of a tool and its support.

What should marketing agencies consider?

Are you working for a marketing agency and looking for a solution to optimize your clients' online strategy? Ask yourself the following questions, to find out which tool suits you and your customer the best:

  • Is there a price model specifically for agencies?

  • Is it possible to give your customers access to the feed management tool?

  • Can different customer projects be managed in one account?

Many marketing agencies already use and trust Channable. By using the Channable tool, agencies can easily improve their customers' feed quality. Saving a tremendous amount of time and resources, by allowing customization from both customers and the agency itself.

If you need more information about Channable’s feed management tool, please feel free to get in contact. The team is always happy to answer a call or email. Or sign up for a free demo and test an account for yourself.

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