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How Wapalli easily manages Amazon listings and orders in 6 languages

September 16, 2020

Amazon is an amazing asset when growing your business in other markets. However, it can also be a nightmare to set up Amazon listings in different languages ​​and manage all your orders. Wapalli, a Spanish company that sells beauty products, tells us how they manage all their Amazon accounts and orders with Channable.

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How Wapalli easily manages Amazon listings and orders in 6 languages

Wapalli is a Spanish company that sells all kinds of beauty and cosmetic products. Apart from their own webshop, they also use other online platforms to reinforce their sales strategy. Amazon is one of the marketplaces chosen by Wapalli. This allows them to expand their business to other markets. They are currently selling in Germany, France, Spain, UK, Italy, and now also in the Netherlands. According to Wapalli:

Without a feed manager like Channable, it is impossible to expand your eCommerce business on a European level. Not only have we increased our sales in other markets, but we also have a very good projection for the upcoming years.

Errors in updating the listing and importing orders

Even if Amazon Single Sign-on makes it much easier to manage all your listings within Amazon, there is still the difficulty of setting up these listings efficiently for each of the languages. And even more complicated, keeping them constantly updated. With approximately 15,000 products in their catalog, for Wapalli it was impossible to manage all of these Amazon listings manually.

The initial solution was to use one of the modules offered by PrestaShop to connect the catalog with Amazon. However, this solution was too basic and not free of errors. There were numerous problems with updating prices and stocks. Also with the importing of orders directly in the webshop.

Wapalli needed a more advanced solution that would allow them to configure error-free Amazon listings. And that's when they found Channable.

Channable’s solution to configure Amazon listings for 6 countries

Since the online shop is developed with PrestaShop, it was very easy for them to import the product catalog into the tool. For this, they only had to download the PrestaShop plugin and after a couple of simple steps, the entire product catalog ​​was imported into Channable in different languages.

Then Wapalli only had to organize and improve the information of their products to be sure that they met the criteria set by Amazon in each of the countries. According to Wapalli: “We now have absolute control over which items and at what prices we sold them in each of the countries. We activate and deactivate the products in each country as needed. And we modify prices and shipping rates in seconds. This is especially useful in the UK product listing, where the currency changes frequently. In addition, the regulations for sales permits on Amazon for certain items may also change in each country. With Channable we can control everything with a simple click. "

This control is possible thanks to the powerful “if-then” rules that allow modifying titles, expanding descriptions, changing prices, applying discounts, and more. Consequently, 6 different listings can be easily configured by applying different rules for each of the languages. This allows them to modify shipping templates, change prices, or exclude products depending on the country. It is also very easy to add new fields if they are not included in PrestaShop. They just have to add the fields within Channable and fill them accordingly using one of the multiple rules available in the tool. Wapalli elaborates:

Channable helps us a lot in the way we work every day. We now keep Amazon listings under control while saving many hours of work. If there is a suspicious change in any of the listings we receive a notification. If we do not receive any alerts, it means that everything is working correctly


Channable’s solution to manage all Amazon’s orders centrally

Thanks to Channable's order connection, Wapalli receives all orders directly in its PrestaShop. So all Amazon orders can be managed directly from their eCommerce management platform. In addition, Wapalli ensures that its inventory is always accurate thanks to real-time stock updates. When their PrestaShop stock changes, Channable automatically updates the stock of all their products across the 6 Amazon listings.

We could say that now we don't have to take care of order management. Channable takes care of this task automatically. We only have to take care of our customers and prepare the picking of the order. Channable is also in charge of the tracking, which is more and more important to Amazon ”. Indeed, Channable is in charge of communicating the delivery status of the order directly to Amazon. The tracking codes (track and trace codes) are processed and sent automatically for each order.

Here's how all Amazon orders are collected within Channable:

According to Wapalli: “What we value most about Channable is its human factor. We have worked with other types of tools and solutions for our eCommerce, but there is a differentiating value in Channable, and that is its proximity. The entire team, from the sales department to the technical support, has made us feel that our business project was also their project. They have offered us quick solutions to any incident we had and advice to help us expand our business online."

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