Integrate your webshop with Amazon

As a professional seller on the Amazon Seller Central, you are looking to automate your product listings on the marketplace using the Amazon API. Channable’s Amazon integration for sellers provides a user-friendly interface and is the ready-to-go solution for sellers who want to connect their webshop with the Amazon Seller Central.


Manage your Amazon listings with the Amazon API for sellers

Channable’s Amazon integration allows your online store to communicate with the marketplace in a two-directional way. Essentially, your product information is synced in real-time with our Amazon API integration. This way, your listings are always up to date and reflect any changes in stock or price. On top of this, Channable can sync your orders generated on Amazon back with your online shop.

Get the most out of the Amazon marketplace API with Channable

Channable users cannot only connect with the Amazon marketplace API, they can also configure and optimize their product data in order to meet the exact requirements of the Amazon API for products. One essential step in the setup of your Amazon API connection in Channable is the categorization of your products in order to match your category tree with Amazon’s category path. You can add categories manually based on the information in your import feed, or copy categories from another Amazon API once you have set up multiple projects.

Meet all requirements of the Amazon API for products

After setting up your categories, you want to enrich your product data to match the specifications of the Amazon marketplace API. Therefore, you can profit from Channable’s attribute builder. A convenient feature that gives you a clear overview of the attributes that products in a specific Amazon category can have. This is especially useful if you sell several kinds of products via your Amazon API that have very specific attribute requirements. By utilizing the quality check you ensure that your listings are error-free before sending them to Amazon.

Optimized Amazon listings generated through an Amazon API for products will guarantee you better conversions and more sales. Channable enables you to improve your listings based on an IF-THEN rule system which allows you to filter, modify, and improve your product catalog in only a few clicks. For instance, you can utilize the rules to exclude products without any stock to ensure that you are only sending the most relevant products to Amazon’s marketplace via the Amazon API.

Synchronize orders with Channables Amazon integration

A fast and correct order management system is essential for your success on Amazon and Channable’s Amazon integration has got you covered. Your orders will be automatically synchronized with the Amazon Seller Central (and other marketplaces you might want to sell on via Channable). With the Amazon API, products that are purchased via Amazon update automatically in your webshop letting you handle all orders from one place. Forget about managing your orders manually on this marketplace. Automate your work and save time and effort. In addition, your stock information will be updated in real-time.

If you want to try it out and set up your Amazon API in Channable, we offer an unlimited free trial to explore our tool. Create your perfect Amazon API eCommerce connection and only when you are ready to go live, you choose a price plan that fits your needs.

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