Magento is one of the leading open source eCommerce platforms in the world which provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system and online store management. Additionally, Magento has built-in options which give merchants full control over the look, functionality and content of their webshop. The digital platform processes annual gross merchandise volumes of over $50 billion dollars.

Channable offers full integration with Magento using our Magento feed and order plugin. The plugin is used to import your products into Channable which enables you to optimize and export them to hundreds of price comparison sites, affiliate platforms and marketplaces, including Google Shopping, Facebook, Amazon and Ebay. In addition, Channable offers order tracking back from various marketplaces to your Magento account (check our pricing page for the additional costs). This means that you can have a clear overview of all orders in one place. Our plugin is now also fully available for Magento 2.

How do I connect Channable with Magento

Please install the Channable feed and order plugin from

How are orders displayed in Magento?

Orders in Magento will appear as normal orders. When you open an order from Channable you will see channel details in the order log.

Advantages of the Magento integration

  • Orders are pushed to Magento
    Channable centralizes your orders from multiple marketplaces and channels, they will automatically appear in Magento. You can handle orders just like you are used to.
  • Realtime inventory updates
    Whenever the inventory of certain products changes in Magento, it is immediately pushed to all marketplaces and channels (if you have an order connection). This makes sure everything is in sync and prevents customers from buying your products when they are no longer in stock.
  • Shipment and tracking codes
    Channable can send shipping updates to, including tracking codes. Customers will get automatic notifications on the status of their orders and get their tracking codes.
  • More channels
    Of course our Magento integration supports many more channels!
  • Free support
    We offer free support on integrating Magento with marketplaces and shopping sites. We make sure that everything is connected properly and make sure it stays that way. You can always contact us when you have questions about this integration.

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