Get your products on Marktplaats

Marktplaats is by far the largest online marketplace for both second hand and new products and services in the Netherlands. It offers biddable advertisements starting at €0.01 for professional advertisers through the Admarkt platform. There are roughly 7.3 million visitors each month and Channable can help you reach all of them. With the API connections option on the Channable platform you have the ability to create and manage the offers you would like to export to Marktplaats. Additionally, the API connection is a real time link between the Admarkt platform and Channable, which means that your offers will always be up to date.

Advantages of Marktplaats

  • Best position on Marktplaats

    With Admarkt your ad will always be displayed on the top position on the Marktplaats category page that best fits your ad. Additionally, your ad will always occupy the pole position compared to the consumer ads, resulting in greater visibility.

  • Free website link

    When you create a top ad on the Admarkt platform you have the possibility to add a link to your website for free. With the help of this link you will be able to increase the traffic through your website and direct sales.

  • Your personal vendor page

    If you become an Admarkt advertiser you will get to set up your own vendor page with your company logo, description and other information. All the ads that you post on Marktplaats will be visible to potential customers on your personal vendor page.

  • Your environment

    In your Admarkt management environment you have access to your ads 24/7. You can add or remove any of your offers. Your environment panel shows the traffic from Admarkt to your website and the results from your ads. In addition you can optimize your ads and adjust your ads budget based on performance.

Where are my ads displayed on Marktplaats?

When products are exported to Marktplaats they are automatically arranged in a listview. Ads sent through Channable are “Topadvertenties” and can be found in various places around the search results.

Get your products on Marktplaats

  1. Create a Channable account

    In order to create a Channable account all you have to do is to sign up with your name, email address and choose a password. Easy as 1,2,3.

  2. Import your datafeed

    The Channable platform supports CSV files, RSS feeds and XML feeds. Just select the type of file you would like to import. If you have a different type of file, don’t worry, just contact us and we will add it for you.

  3. Connect with Admarkt

    Using the Channable tool to connect with Admarkt is fast and easy. In order to do so just click on the APIs tab and add Admarkt as a new API. Having a connection with Admarkt can only benefit your business by increasing traffic through your website and driving sales up.

  4. Develop rules

    After you have connected to Admarkt, the next step involved creating rules to optimize your feed for the best results possible. This involved using our IF THEN statements which are designed to make the creating of rules effortless. Use these rules to create the perfect feed. You can do almost anything, so instance, excluding the products that are out of stock so they will not show up online and much more.

  5. Build your ads

    Actually building your ads is very straightforward. With our preset template all you have to do is to fill it out by clicking on the plus symbol and selecting what you would like each field to display.

  6. Send ads to Admarkt

    Almost there, sending your products does not take more than 30 sec. When you have finished building your ads and making adjustments just send them with the click of a button. Your ads will appear on your Admarkt account where you can manage them 24/7.

  7. Start earning money

    Instructions for this step are simple, lean back and relax.

What are you waiting for?