Create a Shopping feed for Google

Set up a Shopping feed for Google in only minutes and start advertising your products on the worlds largest shopping platform.

Benefits of using Channable for Shopping Ads

  • Possibillity to connect to Google Merchant Center via feed or API
  • Fast categorization of products via our integrated smart categorization functionality
  • Directly synchronize your product catalog with Google
  • Built-in quality control to ensure your feed meets all mandatory requirements
  • Free technical support to help setting everything up

Why choose Channable for creating your feed?

With Channable you can create a Shopping feed for Google in only minutes. When you set it up once, Channable will make sure it automatically updates every time your feed changes (e.g. stock level changes). Also, with Channable you have the option to link Google Analytics, or any other tracking platform to your account. This way you can easily track your product performance. By tracking your product performance, you can see exactly where to optimize your Shopping feed for Google. Although, Google offers some feed management options, the operations you can perform are not nearly as powerful as what Channable can do.

Choose between API or the feed template

Choose to export your product catalog to Google Merchant Center in two ways. The first option is our built-in feed template that includes all the specifications and requirements indicated by Google. Using this option will ensure that your product listing ads will automatically update once per day but also all the way down to every hour if that is wished for. The other option is through an API, where you will have a real-time connection. Choosing this option you will see you Shopping Ads getting updated instantly. Both options are very easy to configure within Channable.

The implementation of Channable and optimizing the Shopping feed for Google already resulted in a growth of impressions by over 1100%, clicks by over 650%, +800% more conversions and a 15% saving in costs per conversion in the first weeks - Stefan de Jong, Product Owner eCommerce @ Bestseller

Utilize the built-in smart categorization feature to categorize your products in only a few minutes

Categorizing your products correctly is the first step to successfully advertise with Shopping Ads for Google. At Channable we know that categorization can take a long time, especially if you have a varied and very large catalog. Therefore we have created a feature to lower the time spend on categorization significantly. We call it “Smart categorization”, and briefly elaborated upon, it automatically creates a category suggestion that matches all of your products. This way you can categorize your entire catalog in only a few minutes.

Use Google Analytics to optimize your feed based on the performance of your product listing ads

Thanks to our integration with Google Analytics, you can analyze and improve the performance of your products on Google. Clicks, conversions and earnings can be controlled at product, brand or category level. Apply these statistics in your rules by e.g. eliminating shipping costs for products with low conversion rates or exclude products with low click rates.

About Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads are Google's very own version of a comparison shopping engine. It currently operates in 36 countries around the world spanning 6 continents. Shopping Ads are built on 'product listing ads'. This means that when shoppers want to puchase your product: 1. they see your ad, 2. they click your ad, 3. they get automatically forwarded to the product on your online shop. These ´product listing ads´ are the ones which can be generated automatically with a Shopping feed.

Advantages of Shopping Ads

  • More traffic: Google is the most popular website in the world, thus leading to incredibly high amounts of traffic. Due to its popularity, Google is a great place to export your products. If done right, you will experience a significant increase in your click through rates (CTR).
  • Improved lead quality: With 'product listings'on Google you allow yourself to increase the quality of your leads by featuring product information directly into your ads. The extra information helps shoppers make informed purchase decisions before clicking your ads.
  • Easy retail-centric campaign management: 'Product listing' ads work by displaying the attributes of your productsin relevant searches, instead of using keywords. Therefore, you don't have to worry about picking the best keywords, just provide a complete Shopping feed for Google.
  • Broader presence: Your product listing ads are not limited to just showing up one at a time. If the search terms match, multiple ads can be displayed simultaneously. This feature will display more of your products, thereby increasing overall visibility.

Where are my Shopping Ads displayed on Google?

It differs if we talk mobile versus desktop. On desktop the Shopping Ads will be displayed on the right hand side of the search engine interface. On mobile the Shopping Ads will be visible in the top. Common for both is, they can also be found via the 'Shopping' tab in the search navigation bar. Each product is displayed in its own window and ads can be sorted using the options provided. By using a Shopping feed, a similar as will be created for all of your products.

Google Shopping Feed
Google Shopping

Set up Shopping Ads for Google

  1. Create a Channable account: Creating an account takes seconds, just sign up with your name and email address.
  2. Import your data feed: The Channable platform supports CSV, XML, Google Spreadsheets and Text files. In addition, 3rd party connection to eCommerce platforms are also available. Just select the way you would like to import your product information. If you have a different type of file, don’t worry, just contact us and we will try to help you out.
  3. Connect with Google: The simplicity of the Channable tool enables you to connect with Shopping Ads for Google in minutes. In order to do so, just select the 'Shopping Ads for Google' or 'Shopping Ads API for Google' under the 'Feeds' or 'API' tab. Connecting with Google will greatly increase the visibility of your online shop.
  4. Customize feed: Having chosen the ideal way to connect to Google, the next steps involves categorizing your products, setting up rules ('IF-THEN' statements), as well as match the requirements set by Google. With Channable, each and every of these steps have been simplified to make the creation phase as smooth as possible. If the set-up still feels challenging, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We are more than happy to assist.
  5. Finalize: The ‘Finalize’ step of the optimization is designed so that you can look over the data fields that should be filled and select the info that should occupy each field. This feature really helps with customizing and creating the best Shopping Ads feed. Having completed all the steps, all you need to do is press ‘run now’.
  6. Done!: After you've uploaded your Channable Shopping feed into the merchant center, your products will become available for the Google audience.

TIP: If you want to take your Shopping Ads to the next level, take a moment and give our article about Smart Shopping campaigns a good read. The article briefly explains the benefits of machine learning and how your business and ads can benefit from this.