Smart categorization for Google Shopping

July 27, 2018


At Channable, we always want to introduce new features and innovations to make our customers’ experiences even better. Therefore, we came up with a new way to speed up the categorization process for your products because we are well aware of how time-consuming it can be. The smart categorization feature is now available for Google Shopping, but we plan to develop it for other feeds and APIs soon.

Smart categorization for Google Shopping

What is categorization?

Quick reminder if you are not sure anymore: the categorization step in Channable is necessary for most export channels in order to match the advertiser's category tree with the one from the platform. Each export channel has different categories, so you will also need to categorize the products for each feed you’ll create. For example, on Amazon, you’ll place the girls’ trousers you are selling into the category path “Clothing > Girls > Trousers” whereas for Google Shopping, the category path would be the following: “Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Pants”. This process could potentially pose a lot of work even just for one channel (since most sellers have a lot of different categories).

Channable’s new feature: smart categorization for Google

When you create your export feed for a channel, a smart suggestion will directly pop up for each of your products in order to place them in the most logical category. For now, we made the smart suggestions possible for the Google Shopping categories.

How it looks in Channable:


Smart categorization: How does it work?

Thanks to a powerful machine learning algorithm, we made it possible for the items you want to send to Google Shopping to be automatically matched to the most likely product category. For those who aren’t IT pros, machine learning is part of artificial intelligence and it’s basically a way to give computers the ability to “learn” with data without being explicitly programmed. Algorithms can learn from data and make new predictions based on that. So in a simpler way, our app is using all previous Google Shopping categorization data to know that if your title contains the word trousers, it should be sent to “Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Pants”!

Why is it so handy?

Mostly because it will save you loads of time. If you have a large amount of items of very different types, those smart suggestions for Google categories are the dream! We plan to create it for other marketing channels; which one would you be interested in using this feature for? Let us know! Would you like to try it yourself? Create a channable account or set up a Google Shopping feed into your account and don’t forget to check out our blog with all our tips about creating the perfect Google Shopping feed!

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