Improve your categorization

June 3, 2019

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The categorization of your products within Channable is one of the most important steps. To do it correctly guarantees that your products will appear in the right category of each export channel you are using to sell online. That's why Channable continually tries to make this process easier.

Improve your categorization

No doubt you have experienced many times that the search results of your online purchase research do not correspond to the products you were looking for originally. The following image is probably very familiar to you:

In this particular example, the product is clearly wrongly categorized for Google Shopping. Channable knows what the categories are for each of the +1000 channels in the tool, so it is very easy to decide where you want your products to appear. Thanks to Channable you can categorize thousands of products in a couple of minutes.

So, what is new?

The categorization is even more complete. You can see the number of products that are included in each category and you can even check which products, in particular, have been included. In the following image you can see how it is shown in the tool:

How is this going to help you?

You can be even more efficient and have even more control over the products you are allocating to each category. Perhaps you have already categorized most of your items and only a few items are left that all fall into separate categories, you may not want to waste time categorizing them.

Channable is aware of the great importance of categorization within the online sales process, it seeks to improve the tool further to offer you the most complete, simple, and efficient categorization possible. In addition, do not forget that we have the smart categorization for certain platforms, such as Google Shopping so you can save even more time.

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