Increase the return of your campaigns by targeting the right audience

July 28, 2021

You just designed the perfect ad, but now you need to show it to the right people at the right time to reach your SEA goals and increase ROI. Channable users can now set geographic targeting options directly in our PPC tool to help reach your goals. This blog will break down how to maximize your SEA results and save you time with our all-in-one solution.


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Increase the return of your campaigns by targeting the right audience

The importance of choosing the correct location targeting

Location targeting helps focus your advertising to find the right customers for your eCommerce business, and will hopefully help you increase your return on investment (ROI) as a result. Channable realized the need for a more complete setup within dynamic text ads and Shopping campaigns and updated our PPC tool with expanded options to select or exclude more specific targeting locations based on region, city, zip-code, or places of interest. This blog will break down some basics about location targeting and we will explain the benefits of this new all-in-one campaign set up in Channable.

Location targeting basics

Targeting ads is an essential part of a successful advertising campaign. Google Ads offers different ways of targeting your ads, but this blog is focused on geographical targeting, one of the most popular targeting setups. Location targeting lets you select specific locations where you want your ads to be shown. By default, you are able to choose if your ads are shown to people located in the specified area (Location of presence), to those who have shown interest in your targeted locations (Area of interest), or both. You can select entire countries, and/or areas within a country such as cities or territories.

  • Targeting your ads to a country or multiple countries can be a good idea if you provide products and services to those large areas. Targeting entire countries allows you to receive more ad exposure than you would by targeting a few individual cities or regions within a country.
  • Targeting specific areas within a country allows you to target specific regions, cities, or postal codes. This option is very useful for businesses that serve a local neighborhood, that have special offers in selected locations, or sells products in selected regions or cities.

What should you consider when selecting location targeting?

  1. Be sure to target the locations where you can find your customers—which isn't necessarily in the same place that your business is located.
  2. Be careful with using very specific locations because it might not meet Google targeting criteria, meaning that your ads may only show intermittently or not at all.
  3. Keep your language and location targeting settings consistent. The language selected should be the same as that is used for the copy of your text ads and shopping ads.
  4. Sometimes it is easier to be clear about what locations you don't want to target and simply exclude them from a larger region. For example, a sales promotion might not be applicable to only one or two cities within a country.

How Channable can now help you to configure the location targeting?

With the fast expansion of eCommerce and ever more complex and local-focused marketing strategies, it is essential to adapt your advertising efforts to certain areas. Channable is aware of this new priority in the market and aligned with our goal of simplifying the process of creating dynamic PPC campaigns in our tool, we have decided to extend the options to select more specific targets.

Until now our PPC tool offered limited targeting options based on country and language. If a business does not serve/sell country-wide or would like to focus the advertising efforts on certain areas within a country, targeting regions, cities, or postal codes, all these settings were not available in our PPC Tool. Clients had to manually adjust all location targeting options in Google Ads after they have created the dynamic campaigns within Channable.

With the implementation of this new feature, users can select or exclude more specific targeting locations based on region, city, or zip-code directly in the tool. Creating a more complete setup of dynamic campaigns that can be achieved, reducing the need of switching between Google Ads and Channable and thereby providing a higher ease-of-use and an increase of the ROI immediately.

How to set up the location targeting in Channable?

Channable offers three options to synchronize your targeting, meaning that apart from adding location targeting to new campaigns, you can also overwrite the ones that are already included in Google Ads. You are also able to choose if the ad should be shown to people in your target location or who've shown interest in your targeted locations (Location of Presence or Area of Interest).

In the following image you can find an example of how regions, cities, or postal codes can be added or excluded in the tool. But if you need more specific info about how to configure the location targeting in Channable’s PPC tool, please check our help center article.

Targeted locations 2

NOTE: Apart from location targeting based on fixed lists, Google offers more advanced location options like radius targeting, audience targeting or targeting locations in bulk. These advanced options are not available in Channable, but we are currently working to include them in the near future. We will keep you updated with further details.

If you are already generating your PPC campaigns using Channable, be aware that from now on you will be able to configure the location targeting directly in the tool. This new feature, together with the new option of adding bidding strategies, will allow you to have a greater use of the Channable PPC tool. Do you want to learn how to configure the location targeting and the bidding in the tool? In the following video, Robert Smit, our product owner, will guide you through the new settings:

If you are just getting started and you would like to start creating dynamic and automated campaigns for Google Ads, feel free to start a trial account with Channable.

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