Why use a marketing automation tool to automate search ads?

May 19, 2021

Marketing automation tools for search advertising have become commonplace and come in many different forms. Choosing a tool requires plenty of research and will raise many questions. Which part of search advertising do I want to automate? Will it really solve the problems it claims to? Is it worth the money spent? Preparation and knowledge are fundamental to answering these questions.


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Why use a marketing automation tool to automate search ads?

Search advertising marketing automation tools were introduced to reduce the time and effort spent on tasks that could be done by anybody. They are there to enable the optimization of processes, costs, and efforts. Naturally, there will be certain processes that businesses will prefer to be handled by a real marketer. By identifying what those are, you can start to draw up a list of what you expect from a marketing automation tool, the essentials, and what would be nice for it to do. Not all tools are perfect, but knowing what aches and pains it can soothe are worth knowing.

Automating the generation of search ads is one method of marketing automation for search advertising. Whilst the functionalities of each search ad generation tool differ, they all aim to save time, lower CPA, and increase ROAS/ROI. Channable’s PPC tool is no exception and focuses on being a marketing automation tool for feed-based automation for both search and shopping campaign creation. But what does that actually mean? And how is it different from other tools?

What can you do with the Channable PPC tool?

As the Channable PPC tool is a feed-based generation tool, you can use it for aspects of search advertising that can be generated from item attributes imported via a data feed, plugin or API. These aspects include:

  • Campaigns

  • Ad groups: medium and/or long tail

  • Ad copy

  • Shopping Campaigns

  • Keywords

  • Negative keywords

  • Basic targeting

  • A default CPC

  • Sitelinks

Using an ad generation tool is useful if you need to generate a large number of ads that are still unique for the right audience. Managing ads for thousands of items can be time-consuming. Not only when it comes to creating the ads but also having to keep them up to date and pausing irrelevant ones.

Channable’s tool ensures that your ads are up-to-date and relevant as you can use dynamic information in your feed to create the above-mentioned list.

For example, if you wanted a campaign for each subcategory or destination you offer, simply use the field ‘subcategory’ when building the campaign template in Channable. There is also a template for ad copy, so you can create unique ads from one template because of the dynamic information contained in your feed.

What will I still have to do?

Bid Management, budget, and advanced targeting are not included in the Channable PPC tool. Although Channable can be used to set a default CPC or targeting, we recommend you finetune this in your Google or Bing ads manager. Do not worry, adjusting CPC and targeting will not result in any errors in Channable.

Furthermore, if Channable is unable to help you create certain campaigns, ad groups or keywords you can still manually create them in your ads manager. As these manually added ads will not be linked to Channable, they will not be affected by Channable and will remain in your ad account intact.

Finally, campaigns and ad groups that are created in Channable, cannot then be edited in Google/Bing. This is because the synchronization between Channable and your ad manager will be lost. Therefore, ads will not be refreshed as they will no longer be recognized by Channable. This will ultimately result in an error in Channable.

When choosing a tool, you need to think about what it is you want it to assist you with, what’s necessary and what is nice to have. If you’re looking for a solution to help you manage and create the right ads, with relevant keywords, and a clear and comprehensible structure in campaigns and ad groups, then Channable’s PPC tool could be the best option.

The dynamic nature of the PPC tool means that the campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords are always cohesive with your site and relevant. So long as you’re aware that there will be certain aspects like bid management, budget and targeting that you will still have to do manually. Furthermore, remember a tool is there to compliment and help you but you will still have full control and can revert to manual when necessary.

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