How to improve your verified reviews on Amazon

June 20, 2024

Your product star rating on Amazon can make the difference between selling hundreds of products or not selling any. The Amazon verified purchase overviews are the most important ones for ranking high on Amazon. Learn what they are and how to improve them.


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How to improve your verified reviews on Amazon

Consumers are increasingly listening to the feedback from other buyers before purchasing a product. As a result, products with few or no review are penalized. Many consumers do not trust buying products with few reviews and, for this reason, do not end up buying.

The different online marketplaces are aware of this predicament. On Amazon, for example, customer ratings can make the difference between not selling any product or selling hundreds of them. If you want to sell on online marketplaces, you’ll have to take your customers' reviews and ratings very seriously.

Verified Purchase Reviews on Amazon

On Amazon, reviews are not only important for convincing other customers to purchase from you but improve your position on Amazon. One of the variables that Amazon uses to position products in its search engine is the quality of the reviews. People can leave reviews without having even bought the product. However, the most valued reviews by Amazon are those that are from real buyers of the product. They are known as ¨Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews¨:

Verified Purchase

In fact, the reviews submitted by customers whose purchases are not verified by Amazon are not taken into account when calculating the average star score. They are only taken into consideration when the customer adds additional information about the product, such as photos or videos, confirming the accuracy of the review. More information on how the star ratings of a product are calculated within Amazon can be found on Amazon's website.

Amazon now allows sellers to ask for customer feedback

Given the importance that Amazon gives to these verified reviews, Amazon has now decided to add a “Request a Review” button in the order details overview in the seller central. So, you can request individual reviews from each customer that purchased a product from you on Amazon.

This request can only be made through Amazon and can only be sent once. This way the client’s privacy is protected, and unwanted emails are avoided. At the same time, it allows sellers to gain useful information about the products and services they provide.

How to improve your reviews on Amazon?

If you want to have good reviews on Amazon, first and foremost, you have to be able to provide buyers with a satisfying purchasing experience. It is no longer enough to offer high quality products. The overall buying experience must also be positive. In fact, many negative reviews are related to shipping problems. Delays in deliveries are no longer acceptable. In addition, a compassionate return policy is expected.

If a consumer purchases a product with a specific specification intent, they will be more likely to leave a good review when they receive the product. If there is a discrepancy between the description and the photos of the actual product, buyers will be left disappointed.

Some pointers that will help you improve the buyer’s experience on Amazon are:

  • Make sure products are accurately categorized

  • Ensure product listing information on Amazon is updated as frequently as possible

  • Offer products with complete and relevant information. A product cannot be disappointing if the information communicated is true to life

All these points can be controlled with a feed management tool like Channable. Channable has an instant API connection to Amazon. It enables easy categorization of products, offers a simple and fast method to list products with complete information, and everything is updated automatically instantly.

Another point worth considering is price management. It’s good to monitor how your competitors are pricing products and, should you feel it appropriate, adapt your pricing as necessary. The reason being, if a consumer discovers that an item they just bought is available at a cheaper price it may prompt them to leave a negative review.

Logistically, improving the shipping experience can be difficult to influence. One solution lies in Amazon’s logistics service that it offers to Amazon sellers. It comes with variable costs, so It’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons.

Another solution offered by order management system companies like Qapla allows orders received from marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Privalia, Carrefour, Spartoo, Manomano or Cdiscount, to be managed from one place. A seller can track the shipment better and provide a more positive user experience, thus avoiding negative comments.

Although Amazon is mostly covered in this blog, you can’t ignore reviews coming from other online marketplaces or other platforms, such as Google Shopping. There are additional benefits to adding Google Products Reviews to Google Shopping as Google Shopping can pool together reviews from many sources.

Reviews will continue to play an important role in the decision-making process of buyers, so be sure to leverage the opportunities that are available to you as a seller.

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