How to embed product ratings into Google Shopping?

May 19, 2021

There are many benefits to automating your Shopping campaigns such as having better control over your CPCs, and saving time on setting up and updating campaigns. But Google Shopping sales can also be improved by integrating customer reviews into Google Shopping ads.


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How to embed product ratings into Google Shopping?

Google is undeniably the current search engine leader. According to stat counter, 92% of internet searches were made with Google in 2018 worldwide. With such figures, it’s no surprise that advertising on Google is a favorite for online merchants. The success of this type of advertising is not only due to Google Ads, but also the unstoppable growth of Google Shopping.

What do product ratings in Google look like?

Product ratings on Google Shopping appear as a star rating. Written reviews can also appear in the organic search results in Google.

The rating is displayed on a scale that ranges from one to five stars. Ratings focus mainly on different aspects such as quality, materials, product features, user satisfaction, etc. Keep in mind, these ratings are for the product specifically not the seller. According to Google, the overall rating is compiled from various sources.

By clicking on product ratings, a potential buyer will be brought to the Google Shopping product page where all reviews are displayed. In addition to the ratings, this product page also displays the list of sellers/online shops that stock the item, prices, special offers, shipping information, and seller ratings.

How do Google Product Ratings work?

Unlike the seller’s ratings, product ratings are specific to that individual product. Naturally, delivery experience, returns policy, and customer service all factor into a buying experience, Google product ratings are intended for the products themselves and not the sellers.

These product ratings are supplied by third parties, which can be different sellers, marketplaces, review sites, etc. To associate ratings to each product, Google uses unique product identifiers, such as GTIN or other data such as the SKU, the brand, manufacturer number (MPN), and the product URL.

If a search is very generic, for example “red t-shirt”, an overview of different models will be shown. When you click on one of the models, the ratings of the sellers will appear. Whereas, if a search term is more specific, includes the brand name or the specific seller, then only the ratings for this seller will be displayed.

Advantages of integrating product ratings into Google Shopping

Ratings and reviews can help you distinguish yourself from the competition.
Online shoppers are strongly influenced by the opinions of other consumers. Products with ratings are more distinguishable than those that do not, which improves conversions and therefore sales. If your listing has many positive reviews, it will be easier for you to sell.

More informed consumers
Opinions do not just allow one product to stand out against another, it also helps consumers make a decision. In most cases, product descriptions provided by sellers are often impersonal and partial, which makes customers wary. Therefore, customers value and trust the opinions of fellow customers more. Especially, when reviews provide information that is missing from the product description.

Improve your conversion rate
Customers who come to your online shop through Google Shopping are more likely to buy.

Steps to integrate reviews into Google Shopping with a Google Product Ratings feed

The first question you need to ask is: Do I have enough product reviews? You need to be able to supply a feed with a minimum of 50 reviews for all products, but where do you get them from? You can gather them from your own online shop, an external review site that you work with, and Google customer reviews.

Once you have enough reviews, follow the steps below:

  1. First, you need to have a Google Merchant Center account that is linked to your online shop. If you do not yet have an account, you can find instructions on how to set one up in Google’s support center.

  2. Before you upload the feed, you need to complete Google’s Product Ratings Interest form.

  3. Create the feed containing all the reviews. Google accepts it in an XML file format. Use Channable’s feed management tool to easily create such a file, notably as the required fields are already built into the tool. Meaning you can compile a Google Product Ratings feed in a few minutes.

  4. Import the newly created XML/Product Ratings feed into the Merchant Center.

With Channable, you can modify your product data feed to the specifications of many Google products. You can create the perfect feed for Google Shopping, Google Display, Google Product Ratings, and even the Google Manufacturer Center. You can also set up the structure of your Shopping campaigns or create thousands of ads for Google Ads with the dynamic Channable SEA tool that uses information from your product feed. Channable is the most complete tool for managing all your marketing efforts on Google.

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