Comparison Shopping Service: Why use a CSS Partner?

May 31, 2024

Wondering what a CSS is? And how can you benefit from a CSS Partner? You’ve come to the right place. This article will cover everything you need to know about CSS, the benefits for retailers, and give you tips on how to choose the right CSS Partner.

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Comparison Shopping Service: Why use a CSS Partner?

Google Shopping Ads are a dominant force in the eCommerce landscape, driving a whopping 76% of search ad spend in the industry. But navigating the complexities of Google Shopping to showcase your products effectively can be daunting. That’s where a Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) Partner can help.

What is a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)?

Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) act as intermediaries between retailers and Google Shopping. They provide a platform for retailers to submit detailed product information, including descriptions, prices, and images, directly to Google Shopping. This information is then used to populate product listings and Shopping Ads within the Google Shopping platform.

CSS Partners manage the process of submitting your product data to Google Shopping and can also assist with campaign optimization and management. By default, Google's own CSS is selected for this role. However, it's important to note that using Google's CSS incurs a 20% margin fee on your bids.

How it works

Comparison Shopping Services streamline the process of getting your products onto Google Shopping. Let’s briefly explore how it works.

The first step is uploading your product data feed to Google Merchant Center. Merchant Center is your control panel for managing product information specifically for Google Shopping Ads.

Finally, when a user searches for a product on Google, Google Shopping displays relevant listings based on the search query, the product data provided through the feed. If a user clicks on your product listing, they'll be directed to your website to complete the purchase. The actual sale happens on your eCommerce website, not Google Shopping.

What are the benefits of working with a CSS Partner?

Conquering Google Shopping can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to showcasing your products effectively. That’s where a CSS Partner comes in. A CSS Partner simplifies the process, leverages their expertise, presents your products professionally, offers testing possibilities for optimization, and might even expand your reach with double ad presence.

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Here are the main advantages of working with a CSS Partner:

Cheaper bids

Normally, Google takes a 20% cut from your maximum bid on Google Shopping ads. This means your ads have less "buying power" in the auction for ad placement. By using a CSS Partner like Channable, you avoid this 20% cut. They handle your bids directly with Google, so your full maximum bid gets used in the auction - meaning you have up to 25% more bidding power on your Shopping Ads.

Easy setup

A CSS Partner takes care of that heavy lifting, submitting all your product information to Google Shopping. Most Partners format your product details into the specific language Google Shopping understands, saving you a ton of time and effort compared to doing it manually.

CSS Partner expertise

CSS Partners possess a deep understanding of the platform's intricacies, including best practices for optimizing product feeds and campaign strategies. Additionally, a CSS Partner often has a huge portfolio of other campaigns within the same industry. This expertise translates to better product positioning and potentially increased sales.

Testing possibilities

Some CSS Partners go the extra mile by offering advanced features like A/B testing. This allows you to experiment with different product information or ad formats to see what resonates best with your target audience, ultimately leading to more effective campaigns. Your CSS Partner can also upload custom product feeds, allowing you to test different products or product groups.

What to consider when choosing a CSS Partner?

You’ll want to find the right CSS Partner who will be a valuable asset in your Google Shopping strategy. They'll not only simplify the process but also leverage their expertise to help you showcase your products effectively and potentially boost your sales.

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With the advantages of CSS Partners clear, it's important to consider some key factors when selecting the best fit for your business:


Not all CSS Partners are created equal. Look for one with a proven track record of success in Google Shopping campaign management. Consider their experience in your industry and the types of products you sell. For example, if you sell sporting goods, a Partner with experience in that specific niche might be able to optimize your campaigns for better results compared to a general eCommerce Partner.

Service offerings

Different CSS Partners offer varying levels of service. Start by evaluating the basic package of each potential Partner to see if it meets your needs. Do you simply need help uploading your product data? Or are you looking for a more hands-on Partner who can manage your entire Google Shopping campaign? Some Partners even offer advanced features like A/B testing to help you optimize your product listings for better results.

Pricing structure

Pricing models for CSS Partners can vary. Be sure to compare setup costs, ongoing monthly fees, and any commission structures based on performance. For instance, some Partners might charge a flat monthly fee, while others might have a tiered pricing system based on the number of products you sell. Consider your budget and the value each Partner offers when making your decision.

Technology and integrations

A seamless integration between the CSS Partner's platform and your existing eCommerce platform and analytics tools is crucial for a smooth workflow. This ensures efficient data transfer and allows you to easily track your campaign performance. Make sure the CSS Partner you choose offers compatible technology that integrates well with your existing systems.

Support and communication

Reliable support and clear communication are essential for a successful partnership. Look for a CSS Partner that offers responsive customer service through multiple channels, such as email, phone, or live chat. Or a Partner that provides a dedicated Customer Success contact. This ensures you can easily get help if you encounter any issues or have questions about your campaigns.

Ready to Simplify Your Google Shopping Strategy with Channable as a CSS Partner?

Channable's CSS is seamlessly integrated within the platform, accessible across all 21 supported markets. Easily combine Google Shopping with other marketing channels like Meta Ads, Amazon, eBay, and over 2,500 additional options, all managed from a single platform.

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Channable's CSS is a key component of our Google Success Formula. We equip you with the tools to optimize listings, create targeted campaigns, leverage powerful features like product categorization, and seamlessly integrate with search ads – all within one user-friendly platform.

Here are some other reasons why Channable is the perfect CSS Partner:

  • Automated campaigns and insights: Elevate your marketing strategy with automated PPC campaigns, and gain valuable insights from Channable Insights to measure performance and optimize campaigns for better results.
  • Technical support: Channable provides exceptional, personalized technical support to empower you every step of the way.
  • Simplified billing: Enjoy the convenience of consolidating all expenses into one bill.
  • Risk-free partnership: Eliminate the need for intermediaries; the billing process directly engages the end customer, mitigating agency risks.

Want to see what Channable can do for you? Sign up for a free trial today.

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