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Google Shopping Integration

Streamline Your Google Shopping Success

Say goodbye to manual updates and error checks. With Channable, you effortlessly filter and enrich your Google Shopping feeds at scale.

Navigate Google's policies with proactive compliance – ensuring a constantly high-quality feed for maximum visibility.

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Maximize Product Visibility for Google Shopping

Sync your product data

Sync your product data with Channable and control which products you push to Google Merchant Center.

Meet Google's requirements

Channable reviews your feed score and offers prioritized suggestions to enhance your feed quality.

Optimize your product feed

Fill missing data or refine titles and descriptions with automated rules.

Boost ad performance

Dynamically adjust campaigns to ensure your best-selling items receive optimal exposure.

Automatically Update and Optimize Your Google Shopping listings

Ensure your listings are always accurate, compliant, and gain maximum visibility.

Error-Free Product Feeds

Our Google Shopping integration helps you to proactively identify and resolve product data issues before they reach Google Merchant Center, safeguarding your account from suspensions.

Automatically screen out products with invalid GTIN or EAN codes and filter out items missing image links, ensuring your feed remains compliant and high-quality.

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Replace manual product updates with automated solutions

Modify and enrich product data across your catalog, keeping information up-to-date and optimized without manual intervention.

You can use rules to edit products in bulk. For example to automatically extract the color from your description, adjust titles that are too long, and mapping items to the right category.

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Built-in Quality Review

Channable's Google Shopping integration constantly monitors your feed quality, providing actionable suggestions to improve your product feed.

Built-in Quality Review Channable Google Shopping

Automatically segment products based on performance

Set up product segmentation to automatically shift focus away from underperforming items, ensuring your bestsellers gain the spotlight and your ad budget is spent wisely.

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Keep Stock Levels and Prices Up-to-Date

If you have fast moving items or regularly update prices, you can sync your inventory and prices up to 24 times a day with Channable, ensuring your Google Shopping feed reflects real-time availability and pricing

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