How to pitch Channable to your seniors

May 19, 2021

Need some help signing off a Channable subscription with senior management? Let us help you with ways to convince your manager that Channable is a valuable asset that improves performance and saves both time and money.

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How to pitch Channable to your seniors

Perhaps you discovered Channable in a blog, used it at your previous company, or you’ve met someone from our wonderful team. Whatever the reason, you know that your company can benefit from Channable, but your managers are harder to convince. Let us help you with ways to convince your manager that Channable is a valuable asset that improves performance and saves both time and money. Below you can find a letter template and manager-proof responses to the most common objections.

Dear …………………………..…………,

RE: Using Channable as a feed management and SEA solution

At [company name] we continue to optimize our processes to be more efficient to deliver more for our clients. I am aware that you are always on the outlook for new technologies and trends that can make our processes more efficient whilst saving time and money, so I wanted to bring your awareness to Channable. Channable is an all in one feed management and SEA automation tool that offers feeds and integrations to over 2500 online marketplaces, affiliate networks, and comparison sites, and enables ad generation for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

The Channable tool can be used to:

  • Save time (Channable’s client Cotswold outdoor were able to advertise on Criteo within an hour),

  • Save money (marketing agency Adwise saw an 11% decrease in cost per click for their client Oad), and

  • Optimize online marketing (SDIM were able to generate highly specific keywords and ad copy for recruitment agency client TMI improving relevancy and increase conversion rate).

Based on these factors, we will have more time to focus on [performance analysis/acquiring new clientele/optimizations/etc.] because Channable will relieve us from spending hours manually [making optimizations in Excel/asking IT to modify feeds/creating keywords/searching for the channel criteria/etc.]. By using Channable to automate at least 20% of our tasks, we can save a whole day a week.

We can get a demo of the tool when it is most convenient for you, and Channable offers an unlimited free trial of the tool that’ll provide full access to all the functionalities. In terms of pricing, Channable has different sizes of packages that can be easily activated, upgraded, downgraded, or canceled at any time. The Channable technical support team is also at our disposal to clear up any issues that may arise when trialing the tool.

Let me know whether you have any concerns or questions about the points I have raised. Otherwise, we can request a demo or directly make contact with the Channable team.

Kind regards,


If the above letter isn’t enough. You can find some compelling arguments to the most common objections below:

Common objections:

  • We’re doing fine for now The world of marketing is rapidly changing, largely due to the innovation of technologies and AI. It is becoming essential to remain up-to-date and current with such innovations, which will require change. Looking into and adopting new technology like Channable is an investment in the beginning. However, over time Channable’s tool will save you time and money which will make your organization more agile and ready for the future.

“Google is pushing for automation, everything is becoming automated. If you don’t push forward with these things, you might not see immediate changes now, but if you do it 2 years from now, you’re already too late. You will fall behind in the market.” - Martin Michels, Paid Search Manager at TUI

  • It’s too expensive Channable’s monthly subscriptions are determined by the number of SKU’s imported, channels used, and projects created. The subscriptions are flexible with no setup charge, cancellation fee, commission on sales, or hidden costs. By using Channable, users cut down the average time spent on ad and feed management from 22% to 5% a week (based on a 40-hour workweek). Furthermore, Channable’s support team is free for all and available by phone or email during working hours.

“Real value for money” - Mark M on Capterra

  • We don’t have time right now to start Channable’s free trial is unlimited so creating an account takes just seconds and can be revisited whenever is convenient. As a welcome, Channable offers the first feed set up for free. Getting you up and running as fast as possible. Channable’s solution exists to save time. Therefore, if the lack of time your manager perceives is due to other tasks being too time-consuming, Channable could be a solution to that lack of time they’re rebutting with. If your team is wasting time using Excel or another software to manually edit product listings, keywords, ad copy, etc., then Channable is most definitely going to free up time.

“Previously [using different marketplaces and prices comparison sites for each geographical market] was time-consuming because we did not have the feed adapted to each platform. Now we just need to open an account. It takes 1 minute to adapt the feed thanks to Channable. The feed is no longer a problem.” - Alex Poza, Consultant at ECCO Shoes

  • It’s too confusing and time-consuming to learn to use Channable offers an unlimited free trial that allows you to familiarize yourself with the tool and all its functionalities in your own time. The tool has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and Channable is often praised for being the most user-friendly tool of its kind. The team is happy to give demos to you to help you get acquainted with all the tool’s features and answer any questions you may have. Channable has found that many of its clients conduct their own in-house training now, so it can only take one person to train the rest.

“Super-duper user-friendly. I haven't tried yet, but I think I can teach a monkey to use Channable. In a PPC world where the use of feeds gets more and more important, it is of great value that there is a tool like Channable that enables me to manage my feed, without having any programming skills.” - Danny V on Capterra

  • We’re just looking around right now Pitching an idea to a manager always requires plenty of evidence and solid reasoning. Snoop out the competitor and determine why in particular Channable is the best solution for you. Is it the user-friendliness? Potential? Affordability? Channable’s sales team has plenty of experience with existing and prospect clients. They are supplied with informative material should you need it for analysis. Together, you can develop a fool-proof strategy to win your manager over and start saving (both time and money) with Channable’s feed management and SEA solution.

"We have tried many tools for both general feed management and building inventory management campaigns. But Channable is by far the best I have tried." - Christian H. on Capterra

Let us know if this letter proves successful, or whether you have any additions to add. The Channable team is ready to take on any and all managers to ensure that you and the team get access to the best feed management and SEA solution the web has to offer.

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