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Meet Suitable’s automated ROAS-based campaign structure

December 10, 2021

Channable Insights is the feature for actionable, accurate, and relevant product performance data, enabling brands and agencies to automatically improve their online presence and boost sales while freeing up time to strategize. Since its release, we’ve seen some surprising results and use cases among our customers across industries. One of them is the success story of men’s fashion retailer Suitable.

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Meet Suitable’s automated ROAS-based campaign structure

Suitable, one of Channable’s longest standing customers, using the tool since 2015, and describe themselves as “one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking retailers in men's fashion.”

In the past 6 years, Suitable has been establishing a comprehensive eCommerce strategy for 7 countries with Channable, covering the full spectrum from comparison sites, over retargeting, social advertising, and marketplaces to a complete PPC automation setup with Shopping and Text Ads.

Making Suitable the perfect pioneer candidate to start working with the new Channable Insights feature in early 2021. Insights was built based on our users’ needs to make data-driven decisions for their digital marketing campaigns and to streamline their multichannel activities by uniting all relevant data from their product portfolio in one dashboard.

Channable Insights in a nutshell

Insights provides you with real-time data in our platform on how your products are performing. This data can be used to segment your products or adapt and optimize your campaigns and channels.

The Insights dashboard provides an overview of all the data you need from a variety of channels on the product level. You can see conversions, impressions, bounces, ROAS, revenue, total cost, and more performance indicators, which can then be implemented into your CPC budget approach and into the creation of rules within Channable.

The rule system is the backbone of an automated, data-driven marketing strategy that grants you the time to put your performance learnings into practice.

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Suitable’s challenge: Mastering the scattered data

In the case of our partners from Suitable, the goal was to use Insights to automatically segment or discard products into strategic campaigns based on ROAS and clicks. This multi-layered segmentation should maximize revenue for each product category.

The initial challenge that came along might seem familiar to other Insights users:
Performance data of a product sits within 12 different Google Ads accounts, for example on brand or country level. But before you can optimize the position of this specific product within your campaign setup, you have to collect and aggregate all the data available.

This is how Suitable mastered the challenge and ultimately increased their ROAS through performance-driven, automated product segmentation:

3 steps to an automated ROAS-based campaign setup

Channable Insights collects among other measurements revenue and ad cost data from Google and/or other selected channels you are exporting your products to. By default, Insights displays your data on channel level but you can decide to view, optimize, and group your performance data on different levels (e.g., product type, category, or item level) per dashboard.

Step 1: Aggregate your data with a master rule

To start, Suitable pulled up their performance data with Insights on channel level in order to get an overview of costs, revenue, and clicks per Ads account in individual dashboards. The Insights data can be accessed in Channable’s rule system and applied in a master rule (a rule independent of any channel that can easily be used across different exports) which helped them combine all data from different accounts, as well as break down costs, revenue, and clicks on product and brand level:


Step 2: Calculate the ROAS on product or brand level

Now the next hurdle, Suitable had their ROAS on channel level, compared to their cost, revenue, and click data on brand and product level respectively, they needed a combination of data from multiple dashboards to also attain the ROAS on product and brand level.

A second data aggregation step was needed in which Suitable used the aggregated product/brand costs and revenue from step 1 to calculate both the product and the brand ROAS.


Step 3: Discard products based on ROAS and clicks

The final step in Suitable’s use case involved the creation of rules that take the ROAS on product and brand level into account. The goal was to automatically discard underperforming products from the campaign.

Suitable uses both ROAS and clicks data for this. Clicks signify that the product or brand generated enough traffic to have collected a meaningful amount of data. And when there are enough clicks on a product or brand, the ROAS can be used as a performance metric.

Previously we did these analyses manually but with over 7 countries and more than 12 accounts, this was no longer manageable or scalable. We are now more in-control by being able to steer either on ROAS or on traffic.

Pieter-Jan Schutte, E-Commerce Manager @ Suitable


Another win: Surfacing invisible products

This setup ensures that only products that are ‘worth ad spend’ are included in a campaign. Meanwhile, another campaign with a manual bidding strategy is used to detect any products that have no traffic associated with them based on clicks. Thanks to this strategy, Suitable has successfully triggered conversions for products that were previously invisible.

The results speak for themselves

To sum up, this is how Suitable achieved a clever, product/brand ROAS based campaign setup that automatically boosts products with a high ROAS and discards products that are performing below a pre-determined threshold:

  • By joining insights from different channels to capture performance learnings about a product on country or brand level.
  • By using the Channable rule system to automatically remove low-performing items from a campaign.
  • By creating a ‘limited views’ smart campaign to boost the products that previously have not gotten the attention they deserve.

Channable Insights has helped us tremendously to understand the end result across different Ads accounts that could otherwise cannibalize among themselves.

Pieter-Jan Schutte, E-Commerce Manager @ Suitable

A complete overview of Suitable’s use case


Want to learn more about Channable Insights and try it out for yourself? Reach out to us if you want to add an Insights trial to your existing account. Or sign up as a new user and explore the magic of product data optimization!

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