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Up to 70% time saved thanks to the data reporting system Channable Insights

April 14, 2021

Maxlead, a strategic marketing partner of Channable, used Channable Insights to achieve performance improvements while also reducing time spent. In this success story, we interview Maxlead on how they managed to achieve these results.


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Up to 70% time saved thanks to the data reporting system Channable Insights

Key takeaways:

  1. Channable Insights gathers data on a product level rather than grouping products.
  2. Reduces time spent on campaign optimization by 70%.
  3. And contributed to ROAS improvements of over 40% (YoY).

Channable Insights is the connection between gathering analytical data and using it to automate the optimization of Google Shopping campaigns. Maxlead has a proven track record of optimizing marketing strategies for their customers who adopted a data-driven approach. That’s why they were one of the first to try out Insights as soon as it went into beta. We spoke to Bas Zethof, Online Marketing Consultant at Maxlead, about how he uses Channable Insights to get the best results for his clients.

Can you tell me how you work with putting products in Shopping campaigns in general?
Even before starting with Channable Insights, we had already started to use data to better segment products into campaigns.

For example, we used to have three categories; low bid, mid-bid, and high bid. Where the rationale is that you move high-performing products into the high bid category and vice versa. However, this was a manual process costing a lot of time to constantly rebalance the products in the campaigns by hand.

On top of this, we wanted to take things to the next level by having more campaigns with specific purposes. For example, products that were split over several ROAS targets as well as products that still needed to reach a certain threshold of data in Google before they could be promoted to a ROAS target campaign.
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Why was that becoming an issue?
Time-management. Together with our plans to take this to the next level and our current manual process, we knew we had to come up with a streamlined solution. Thankfully, we were able to participate in the Channable Insights beta that allowed us to tackle both problems.

How has Channable Insights helped you optimize your campaigns?
First of all, we can get data from multiple sources into Channable. Where we used to only have Google Analytics data we can now also use Google Ads data, which is more abundant. As there is more data available we get much more in-depth information on a product level.

This means, for example, being able to filter on impressions, segment products on ROAS, or combine the Insights data with costs data to enable margin-specific segmentation. We greatly expanded the amount of specific-purpose campaigns that we were running, each with its own targets and its list of products. This has led to achieving a 40% increase YoY benefit. This would have been incredibly difficult if we didn’t have access to the data Channable Insights offers.

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I can imagine that Channable Insights played a role in formulating this new way of working. Or did this way of working only start to become feasible with Channable Insights?

The process of using data-driven insights to segment products and optimize campaign results is indeed something that started before Channable Insights. However, what Channable Insights has significantly improved is the time spent on gathering and combining data and turning them into actionable insights.

Now that we can directly use the data in the Channable rules it has significantly reduced the time spent per project. Up to 70% time saved because we only need to set this up once then can monitor afterward. Instead of having to do the entire process manually.
Bas Zethof, Online Marketing Consultant at Maxlead

Robert KiesslingProduct Manager

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