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Multi-channel advertising from a single product feed: how Protest Sportswear increased CTR by 17%

August 11, 2020

Being visible online across the world is key for big brands. But how do you build a strong international brand online when the best practices in each country are changing all the time? Michiel van der Poel, the Online Advertising Specialist at Protest Sportswear, reveals all in this Pay-per-click (PPC) focused use case.

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Multi-channel advertising from a single product feed: how Protest Sportswear increased CTR by 17%

Protest Sportswear is a renowned sports brand founded by a group of snowboarders from the Netherlands. It offers a variety of street, beach, and surf wear for men, women, and children. After years of growth, Protest is now an international brand active in Europe, Asia, and (as of this year) the United States.

Michiel explains, “Online presence is a must for big brands. Especially for Protest Sportswear, whose target audience are shopping online more and more. This is why we are very present online in the form of a webshop and online advertising. The online environment is changing very fast and, therefore, it is important for us to deal with this as efficiently as possible”.

From Bikinis to Ski Pants

Finding an efficient solution to Protest’s eCommerce strategy was the biggest challenge Michiel and his team faced. They had two questions the solution had to answer:

  1. How can we automate certain eCommerce processes so we can invest more time in other/new processes?

  2. How can we optimize current eCommerce processes so they will be more profitable in the future?

So, Michiel and his team chose Channable. But why? “Channable is a tool that offers a solution for both issues. On the one hand with the Product Feed Manager, and on the other with the PPC tool. With the Product Feed Manager, we can send our product information to different platforms in an efficient, controlled, and simple way. And the PPC tool enables us to better align our search ads with the search behavior of our target audience”.

“Channable distinguishes itself from other tools via its user-friendliness, vast capabilities, and, quite importantly, pricing. After working with another well-known tool, I was looking for a tool with these benefits in mind. Channable is very user-friendly. This is not only useful for me during set-ups and maintenance, but also for (new) colleagues who work with the tool within Protest or will do in the future.

Michel elaborates: "developments often take place on various online platforms such as Google. Think of the introduction of responsive search ads. Channable has adequately adapted the PPC tool so that responsive search ads can also be set up dynamically with the tool. This is just one of many examples of how Channable continues to improve its product and service”.

Protest Sportswear has been using the Channable Product Feed Manager for several years now and sells on various channels including Google Shopping,, and Facebook.

Earlier this year, Michiel and Protest decided they would also use the Channable PPC tool. This decision came as a result of the manual work required to create ads for their wide and rapidly changing range. “We prioritize products like bikinis and swimming trunks in the summer season and ski pants and ski jackets in the winter season. It’s impossible to manually create adverts, keywords, etcetera, for every product. Channable’s PPC tool is an excellent solution for this”.

Everything from a single product feed

Protest Sportswear uses the same product feed for both feed management and the PPC tool. “Because Channable clearly indicates per platform which product data is needed, we look with our content specialist at how we can deliver this product data from our product feed. The PPC tool has been set up by our PPC specialist. And by means of the ad generators, we can set up various ad groups at a product level, consisting of dynamic ads, [negative & positive] keywords, and ad extensions”.

The different parts of a text ad can be adapted in detail. In addition, rules can be used to make a simple selection from the product information and adjustments can be made to that product information.

The result

The Channable PPC tool allows Protest to create ads that are a lot more relevant to the specific search terms of their products. This has not only resulted in a 17% increase in their CTR but also better user experience. Potential customers find what they are looking for faster due to seeing more relevant ads. “Visitors now land directly on the product page of the product they are looking for, instead of our homepage. Which is the reason for the increase in our conversion rate”

In addition to various eCommerce processes within Protest Sportswear being automated and optimized by Channable, we can now also advertise on specific product names. This is not only possible for Protest, but also for many other companies with a large product name. But it’s only possible because of Channable.

Are you ready to optimize and automate your ads and campaigns like Protest Sportswear with Channable’s PPC tool? Do you want to increase your CTR significantly? Create your own free account today or contact one of Channable’s sales teams for more information.

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