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Rocket DigitaI helping its clients grow with the power of technology

March 16, 2020

Rocket DigitaI is a great example of how a marketing agency takes the responsibility of optimizing data feeds for clients to get the most out of their ROI. For Senior Digital Consultant at Rocket DigitaI, Isabel Mora, and Gonzalo García-Junceda, Performance Specialist at Rocket DigitaI, “automating the creation of feeds is a fundamental step that we need to do ourselves”.

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Rocket DigitaI helping its clients grow with the power of technology

Rocket DigitaI is a digital marketing agency that began in Barcelona, but has grown to Madrid and has its eyes on Milan. Its mission is to help clients grow by harnessing the power of technology, creativity, and data. How does it achieve that? By using disruptive technology and constantly renewing procedures to offer the best solutions to its clients. Innovation is key!

Digital marketing is defined by the tools used to streamline all its elements: paid search, social ads, shopping, display, etc. Automation is fundamental in unlocking the full potential of all these services and has been paramount for Rocket DigitaI from the beginning, it has always had a functional and efficient approach. Which is where Channable’s feed management tool comes in.

Customers are much happier now because they can forget about their feeds as we take care of creating feeds. Similarly, conversations with our clients have become more strategic as we take care of operational solutions.

The partnership between Channable and Rocket DigitaI was born out of a need to further improve its service to its clients. But more significantly, there was an instant connection between the two companies. Channable and Rocket DigitaI have similar cultures and philosophies, even Rocket DigitaI’s offices embody the young, dynamic, and creative culture.

Creating your own feeds: the key to offering the best service to your clients

Rocket DigitaI works with clients from many different industries including fashion, interior, and pharmaceutical. When it comes to feeds, every industry relies on them.

Many of Rocket DigitaI’s clients leverage Facebook and Google shopping as valuable advertising platforms. A feed is required to utilize both channels.

Initially, Rocket DigitaI was not responsible for creating feeds for their clients, but rather the client would provide the feed to the agency so the agency could manage the marketing on said channels. However, that meant the process was fairly lengthy. Rocket DigitaI would need to communicate to the client what the feed needed to contain, which can be confusing if you're not so familiar with feeds. The client would then need to relay the information to the IT department. Any time we feed would need to be modified, Rocket DigitaI would need to go through the process again. It became a game of Chinese whispers that would elongate progress. This was especially true when most of the time was spent talking about operational aspects of the feed rather than what really matters - the strategy.

This impractical setup needed to be reworked. Fortunately, Rocket DigitaI knew that it could be solved by bringing feed creation in-house as one of its offerings. Even if creating feeds required some investment on Rocket DigitaI’s behalf, using Channable has made the process simpler and the benefits have been significant. “Customers are much happier now because they can pass the feed responsibilities to us. We take care of the feeds. Conversations with our clients have become more strategy focused as we can now cover operational activities.”

Now, Rocket DigitaI can get a new project up and running in no time. Feeds for Google and Facebook are improved and optimized in just a few clicks.

ROI is an essential element that cannot be forgotten in feeds

For Rocket DigitaI, an agency specialized in the analysis of results, the return on investment of its clients is essential and, therefore, it is vital data for the feeds made by Rocket DigitaI. Rocket DigitaI can use Channable’s rules to create custom labels that are then included in the feeds. The custom labels catalog the products according to their price ranges and profit margins. By including these parameters, Rocket DigitaI is able to optimize its client’s ROI on Google Shopping and Facebook and set a series of objectives. Improving ROAS with Channable has been accomplished by many companies, including Pixmania and Plein.

With Channable, we can now catalog products according to the prices and the profit margin. This is very valuable for calculating ROI.

An additional benefit that Gonzalo identified is “it’s much easier to launch in new markets. Almost all of our clients have the potential to expand into new countries. They seek to grow through Google and Facebook. This is very easy to achieve with Channable as you can create feeds for different countries.”

Moral of the story: Don’t let your clients do what you can do

Rocket DigitaI has noticed that when clients were still responsible, they were sufficient, but not excellent. There was little room for improvement because of the long delays related to the process of modifying the feeds. Thankfully, as this is now a thing of the past, Rocket DigitaI can look to the future with all the potential Channable offers. The next steps for Rocket DigitaI include offering its customers integrations to online marketplaces. As Channable offers instant connections to numerous European marketplaces, this is a new line of business that Rocket DigitaI intends to explore.

Today, Rocket DigitaI is one of Channable's partners. Becoming a Channable partner comes with many advantages. If you’re interested in starting a partnership with Channable, please get in contact with our sales team.

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