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How Artefact increased their clients’ average CTR by 19% through automation and precision marketing

June 18, 2020

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International marketing agency Artefact has been using Channable to create high-quality PPC and Display campaigns by focusing on one of their main key pillars: precision marketing. By putting the customers at the forefront of their digital strategy, Job Hilbers, Senior SEA Consultant, and Sjoerd Lops, Senior Display Consultant, have been able to generate hyper-personalized text ads and banners in order to increase their average CTR by 19% and fit the needs of their global target audiences. Watch the video below to find out how!

How Artefact increased their clients’ average CTR by 19% through automation and precision marketing

Creating a winning customer-centric marketing strategy

Artefact is a renowned international marketing agency working for clients in the Fashion, Travel, and Cosmetics industries, just to name a few. As a global company specialized in all things digital, adopting customer orientation as a business approach and combatting mass marketing was a must and is just where precision marketing came into play. Undoubtedly one of today’s holy grails of marketing, this strategy focuses on the wants, needs, and behaviors of specific user segments.

Truly understanding your customers is an ongoing process and a feed management and PPC tool like Channable can help you along the way.

Channable helps us at Artefact to focus on our key pillars because it allows us to hyper-personalize our text ads and banners to fit the target audiences. In addition, it also allows us to implement a holistic view of online marketing through a single tool, explains Job.
To make sure you push your most sought-after offers and services online, it is crucial to analyze which of your products perform best, and you’ll need reliable Analytics data in order to do so and avoid unnecessary extra work for you and your team.

Saving time and effort through automation

With over 1,000 clients across the world, creating PPC and Display campaigns can turn out to be pretty overwhelming, unless you decide to opt for a marketing automation tool. For Job, Channable was a life changer: “As an international marketing agency, it’s very convenient to use Channable. We have several clients across different countries and it makes it a lot easier for me to manage all of my campaigns in the same structure. And, since the entire project that I create is so easily transferable for another country, it makes my life a lot easier.

More specifically, Job uses Channable to create Expanded Text Ads (ETA) campaigns, text ads and keywords, all based on the same feed, automatically and dynamically, saving him time-consuming as well as error-prone manual work. What allows Job to save even more time is master rules. “We use master rules for the streamlining of all of our SEA campaigns, and separating them by product category makes it a lot more scalable across different countries.

In regard to Display Advertising, Sjoerd is also particularly grateful for Channable’s rules functionality and explains that “with a good rule setup, we can make a clever segmentation to hyper personalize our display banners worldwide.” Ever since they started automating as much busy work as they could, Job and Sjoerd have been able to dedicate a lot more time to account optimization and creating higher customer value.

Driving results: getting up to speed with Channable

It has now been over a year since Artefact started using Channable to optimize their clients’ PPC and Display campaigns. “The onboarding was really nice. We sat down with our Account Manager and looked at how we could use the tool and for which clients, and our colleagues who had a lesser affinity with automation got a more thorough training.” Today, both Job and Sjoerd can proudly show off the results of the collaboration between Artefact and Channable: their average “CTR raised by 19%” and their “CPA decreased by 16%,” leading to their Channable ads outperforming their control group. Now that the creation of campaigns, ad groups, keywords and text ads gets done automatically, they have both “been able to focus on optimizing the accounts, which has led to an improvement of ROAS and an increase in revenue as well.” In the future, Artefact aims to continue building a lasting relationship with Channable and use the tool further to support more clients: “With a couple of clients, we have some future plans on how to use Channable. It’s actually part of the rather long roadmap but we started out with SEA as the basis and now we’re moving into all of the different disciplines as well, such as Facebook and DV360.” With over 2,500 platforms to advertise on, Channable offers endless possibilities for retailers and marketing agencies to maximize their online exposure and boost their sales.

If you want to automate your online marketing activities, spark a conversation with Channable. They’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with and helped us getting used to the tool, but we’ve also been able to help them focus on what we think is important within online marketing.

Want to know more about how we can help you take your business to the next level with feed management and PPC automation? Get in touch with our Sales team for a free demo!

Ilse GoedmanCustomer Journey Manager

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