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How Artefact increased their clients' average CTR by 19% through automation and precision marketing

June 18, 2020

Discover how international marketing agency Artefact utilized precision marketing and automation to increase their clients' average CTR by 19%. By prioritizing customer-centric strategies, Job Hilbers and Sjoerd Lops generated hyper-personalized text ads and banners for their target audiences. Watch the video below to learn more about their success story.

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How Artefact increased their clients' average CTR by 19% through automation and precision marketing

Key Learnings:

  1. Precision marketing drives customer-centric strategies by understanding specific user segments.

  2. Channable enables hyper-personalization of ads and banners for high-quality campaigns.

  3. Automation with Channable saves time and effort in managing PPC and Display campaigns.

  4. Clever segmentation through Channable's rules leads to hyper-personalized global display banners.

  5. Collaboration with Channable results in improved metrics: 19% higher CTR, 16% lower CPA, increased ROAS, and revenue growth.

Creating a Winning Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

Artefact, a renowned international marketing agency, has been working with clients in industries such as Fashion, Travel, and Cosmetics.

To stay ahead in the digital landscape and combat mass marketing, Artefact adopted a customer-oriented approach, with precision marketing as one of its key pillars. This strategy focuses on understanding the wants, needs, and behaviors of specific user segments.

Understanding customers is an ongoing process, and Artefact leverages Channable, a feed management, and PPC tool, to assist in this endeavor.

By hyper-personalizing text ads and banners to fit target audiences, Artefact can deliver high-quality PPC and Display campaigns that resonate with their global customers.

Saving Time and Effort through Automation

With over 1,000 clients worldwide, managing PPC and Display campaigns can become overwhelming without the right tools.

Channable has been a game-changer for Job Hilbers, a Senior SEA Consultant at Artefact, who emphasizes the convenience of using a single tool to manage campaigns across different countries. Channable allows for easy transferability of projects, reducing the complexity of international campaigns.

Job utilizes Channable to automate the creation of Expanded Text Ads (ETA) campaigns, text ads, and keywords. By leveraging the power of automation, Artefact saves time and avoids manual errors. [Master rules]( further streamline PPC campaigns, making them scalable across various countries.

Sjoerd Lops, a Senior Display Consultant at Artefact, also benefits from Channable's rules functionality. Through clever segmentation, hyper-personalized display banners are created globally, improving campaign performance.

Driving Results: Getting Up to Speed with Channable

Artefact has been using Channable for over a year to optimize clients' PPC and Display campaigns. The onboarding process was seamless, with Artefact collaborating closely with their Account Manager and providing comprehensive training to ensure all team members could make the most of the tool's capabilities.

The collaboration between Artefact and Channable has yielded impressive results. The average click-through rate (CTR) increased by 19%, while the cost per acquisition (CPA) decreased by 16%.

Channable ads have outperformed the control group, leading to improved return on ad spend (ROAS) and increased revenue. With campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and text ads created automatically, Artefact's team can now focus on optimizing accounts and delivering higher customer value.

Looking ahead, Artefact plans to strengthen its relationship with Channable and expand the tool's usage to support more clients.

The roadmap includes leveraging Channable for disciplines beyond SEA, such as Facebook and DV360. With access to over 2,500 platforms for advertising, Channable offers limitless possibilities for maximizing online exposure and driving sales.

If you want to automate your online marketing activities, spark a conversation with Channable. They’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with and helped us getting used to the tool, but we’ve also been able to help them focus on what we think is important within online marketing.

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